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Want more space in economy on your next Ethiopian Airlines flight? .......... say hello to MyShebaSpace

Ethiopian Airlines, one of the largest airlines in Africa, has announced a new digital option called 'My Sheba Space' that enables economy class travellers to purchase one or more empty seats on board to get extra space and relax.  

Ethiopian has responded to COVID 19 pandemic by introducing passenger safety guidelines implementing social distancing and sanitization measures in its ultra-modern  Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and within the aircraft. Reducing aircraft capacity and the introduction of end to end passenger journeys are among the initiatives  Ethiopian has taken in its continued pursuit for elevated customer experience. 

Remarking on MyShebaSpace, Ethiopian Group CEO, Mr Tewolde GebreMariam, said, “With our agility in customer-centric service offering and market responsiveness comes the need to provide convenience to those who need it. MyShebaSpace is introduced to allow esteemed clients who prefer to secure extra space and enjoy comfort while in economy class cabin. Whatever we do to make people comfortable flying again is a manifestation of our desire to stay up, to offer better and be at the fore. We believe that our customers will enjoy the feeling of being in control of their  journey.” 

With bundled on-demand services and predictive intelligence, MyShebaSpace will offer extra space with a reasonable top up starting from $30. MyShebaSpace is not just about letting passengers pay extra to guarantee an empty seat next to them, it is about the airline's unwavering commitment to offer diversified options in line with changing customers’ demands.  

MyShebaSpace requires a 72-hour window before flight time to secure an extra seat or seats and is accessible on the Ethiopian website and mobile app for convenience.  Find it at this address on the carrier's website https://www.ethiopianairlines.com/en-ne/myshebaspace-upgrade

More details and faq's
1. What is MyShebaSpace?

MyShebaSpace gives passengers a more comfortable economy class experience by providing them with the ability to purchase one or more empty seats next to them. This ensures that no one sits beside them on the flight.

 2. Am I eligible for  MySheba space?

MyShebaSpace is applicable for economy class ticket holders on Ethiopian operated flights (with “071 prefix”). Offers will be confirmed within 72hrs or less prior to departure. It is also applicable if there are no pre-arranged service requests, such as but not limited to, medical and wheelchair assistance, unaccompanied minor assistance. 

3. How much do I have to pay for MyShebaSpace?

Rates vary per sector and destination. Click here to check availability and get your rate

4. How can I pay for MyShebaSpace?

You can purchase MyShebaSpace using a major credit card; Master Card, Visa and American Express. The amount will be charged upon confirmation of the theMyShebaSpace seat.

5. Can I purchase more than one space?

Yes, you can purchase one seat or the entire row (two seats). Discounts are applied for multiple empty seat purchases.

6. Can I purchase MyShebaSpace at the Airport?

No, MyShebaSpace is only available for online purchase. 

7. Is MyShebaSpace refundable?

Your MyShebaSpace is refundable for involuntary cases only attributable to the airline operational reasons such as but not limited to, an overbooked flight, a change in equipment, a delay in the connecting flight that resulted in your missing the connection on which you were assigned a MyShebaSpace seat.

8. If I have previously purchased an exit row or front row, will it be refundable if I want to purchase MyShebaSpace?

If you have previously purchased a front row or exit row and still want to purchase MyShebaSpace, the fee you paid for the previous pre-reserved seat is non-refundable. And seat assignments will be given to you for the MyShebaSpace based on availability.

9. Can I purchase more than one row?

You can purchase more than one row if you are travelling with a companion who has purchased a full economy ticket on Ethiopian airlines. The second row will be in the name and booking of your companion.

10. Can I cancel the MyShebaSpace seat? 

Voluntary rebooking or cancellation will forfeit the MyShebaSpace and no refund will be issued. Refunds are issued in the event of irregular operations, including, but not limited to, flight cancellations, aircraft change due to safety, security, or operational reasons.

11. Is MyShebaSpace seat guaranteed?

We will try to accommodate you on your purchased MyShebaSpace as much as possible and certain unavoidable circumstances such as but not limited to aircraft change, flight schedule or instances due to safety, security, and operational concerns may require us to change your seat. The guarantee of your MyShebaSpace will be reconfirmed during boarding. In the unlikely event that an extra seat assigned to you is not provided, a full refund will be processed to your credit card after your flight has departed. 

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