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Tailwind Air Announces First Ever Route Between Boston Harbor and Manhattan

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Fly the Fast Lane with Tailwind Air. Experienced seaplane operator announces groundbreaking scheduled service, creating the fastest way between Manhattan and Boston. Travellers may now enjoy a nonstop, seaplane flight directly from Manhattan's New York Skyport on East 23rd Street to Boston Harbour, where a dedicated, seven-minute water taxi will transfer clients to the South Boston waterfront. Flights are approximately seventy-five minutes and start August 3rd, 2021.

The daily weekday route from Boston Harbor (BNH) to Manhattan (NYS) running through November includes:




08:25am (eff Aug 21, 2021)




3:35pm (eff Aug 21, 2021)



Daily Manhattan (NYS) to Boston Harbor (BNH)






10:55am (Eff Aug 21, 2021)




6:05pm (Eff. Aug 21, 2021)

"By offering nonstop, weekday flights at peak hours to and from Manhattan and Boston Harbor, we present exclusive time savings over all other modes of transportation, at a reasonable price premium," CEO and Founder of Tailwind Air, Alan Ram, explains. "Our [Tailwind] service combines the accessibility of the train with the speed of a flight."

Photo Tailwind Air
"Seaplanes and waterway access fuel our exclusive service--a game-changer for travellers between these cities," added Peter Manice, Director of Scheduled Operations, "no one else is doing this." Bypassing the congestion of Boston Logan International as the first to fly directly into Boston Harbor, Tailwind Air is a pioneer in regional urban mobility, while using long-proven technology.

Tailwind Air erases the hassle and expense of commuting to an airport and lengthy check-in, security, and boarding processes. "By cutting travel times 40%-60%, Tailwind Air's premium service reduces aggravation and opens up half-day business trips." Due to the eight-passenger capacity of the seaplanes, and small, efficient facilities, guests can arrive for check-in as little as ten minutes before departure.

While Tailwind Air's seaplane fleet is young, less than five years on average, seaplane travel certainly is not. The Manhattan Skyport opened in 1936, hosting popular seaplane travel for decades. For nearly 100 years, seaplane operations have been part of the core transportation landscape of maritime cities such as Seattle, Miami, and Vancouver. "By reconnecting Boston and New York City via seaplane, we more closely unite two urban cores."

Boston Harbor-Manhattan flights, and a complete schedule for all flights operated by Tailwind Air, can be found at Tickets can be purchased on the website, by phone, and through local and online travel agencies via a codeshare partnership with Southern Airways.

"As North America's largest passenger operator of Cessna Caravans, Southern Airways has been pleased to partner for the past two years with one of the leading Caravan seaplane operators, Tailwind Air," said Stan Little, Chairman and CEO of Southern Airways. "Connecting Boston and New York Harbors by air is indeed a game-changer, and we are proud to be the exclusive airline codeshare partner on this venture."

For travel agents interested in partnerships, Tailwind Air offers generous commission rates. Tailwind Air also offers discounted prepaid commuter books of 10, 20, and 50 tickets for passengers, which can be shared with colleagues, friends, and family that save 35% or more off last-minute fares. Corporate rates are also available. To learn more contact:

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Tailwind Air's fleet of Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibians is piloted by experienced and highly qualified captains. Tailwind Air currently flies to and from Manhattan, Montauk, Easthampton, and Shelter Island on a regular schedule. Last week, Tailwind announced weekday commuter flights to Bridgeport, CT.

Passengers can save an additional 10% with promo code NYSBNH by booking directly on from now until August 30th, 2021. Service starts August 3rd, 2021. Tailwind Air does not charge change fees.  Prices include all taxes, carrier charges, and government fees. Fare rules, routes, and schedules are subject to change without notice. Tailwind Air is dog friendly, although important restrictions apply. A standard sized rolling bag up to twenty pounds is allowed included. Optional excess baggage fees and additional restrictions may apply. To book your next flight or for more details on optional services and baggage fees, please visit our website.

Tailwind Air plans to add additional route offerings in 2022, as well as to advance electric seaplane technology and explore innovations in urban air mobility.

"This new route is breaking barriers," says Ram. "We are grateful for the tremendous local support in Boston we have received and aim to be good neighbours and important addition to Boston's economic boom. We eliminate the time needed to travel to airport terminals, long security lines, check-in, board, and await the flight's turn on the runway. We are honoured to be welcomed into the Boston community as well as see continued support from Manhattan." Ram and Manice share a vision for fast travel choices using the most versatile aircraft. "We hope to strengthen our presence in the communities we serve through community and business leaders, citizens, aviation enthusiasts, and welcome new partnerships."

Safety and Cleanliness

In accordance with the recommended safety precautions to protect against COVID-19, Tailwind Air requires masks for all staff and passengers while flying. Further precautions include deep cleaning lounges and aircraft, reducing the number of interactions common in larger airports and aeroplanes and operating with an eight-passenger flight capacity.

About Tailwind Air's Seaplanes

Tailwind Air is an experienced seaplane operator, flying a young fleet of modern, safe, and reliable Cessna Caravan amphibious seaplanes. With over 2,500 Caravans built, these aircraft operate with regional airlines throughout the United States and the world. Caravan Amphibians feature a highly reliable turboprop engine, and include all the navigation, communication, and safety features of traditional air and watercraft. All flights are capable of landing on water or land and are flown with two pilots. Tailwind Air provides a comfortable lounge to accommodate guests in Boston and Manhattan, as well as light snacks and beverages. Seating in the executive cabin includes a thirty-five-inch (35") seat pitch (vs. 30-31" in standard economy airline seat) for ample legroom, as well as window and aisle access at every seat. Crisp air conditioning and unforgettable city skyline views are also included.

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