Friday, 16 July 2021

Air ticket sales in the US see an 800% jump

Airlines Reporting Corp. released data showing net sales from ARC-accredited travel agencies totalling $4.2 billion in June 2021, an 800% increase compared to June 2020.* The June 2021 total is the second month of 18% month-over-month growth and the third consecutive month of a double-digit sales increase.

Month over month, June 2021 results showed:

Total passenger trips increased 10%.
U.S. domestic trips are up 10%.
International trips are up 12%.

“Through the first half of 2021, we’ve had five months of double-digit growth in sales month over month, led mostly by leisure demand,” said Chuck Thackston, managing director of data science and research at ARC. “With the loosening of travel restrictions in Europe throughout June and corporate travel continuing to rebound, we will watch to see overall industry recovery continue through the remainder of the summer.”

Total passenger trips settled by ARC in June 2021 increased 208% year over year from nearly 5.7 million to 17.5 million. For the second month in a row, the increase in international passenger trips outpaced domestic trips YOY, up 267% and 208%, respectively. Overall, U.S. domestic passenger trips totaled 12.3 million compared to 5.2 million for international trips. The average U.S. round-trip ticket price increased to $454 in June 2021, up from $374 in May 2020.

Year over year, EMD sales for June 2021 increased 296% to $8,221,487, while EMD transactions increased 308% to 170,331.**

More detailed information is available on ARC’s website.
*Ticket Sales

Results are based on monthly sales data ending June 30, 2021, from 10,951 U.S. retail and corporate travel agency locations, satellite ticket printing offices and online travel agencies. Results do not include sales of tickets purchased directly from airlines.
The average ticket price (USD) is for a round-trip ticket settled through ARC for an itinerary that included only U.S. domestic travel.
Passenger trips include the total number of passengers taking a trip from one airport to another using direct or connecting flights. Newly issued trips are added, and refunded trips are deducted to provide a net view of traveling passengers.
U.S. domestic passenger trips include the total number settled through ARC where the itinerary is wholly within the U.S. International passenger trips include the total number settled through ARC where some or all the travel occurs to airports outside the U.S. or originates outside the U.S.
Total sales are equal to the total amount paid for a ticket, which includes taxes and fees.
**Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD)
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