Friday, 18 June 2021

U.S. Air travel recovery strengthens with five consecutive months of growth

Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) has just released the latest data showing net sales from ARC-accredited travel agencies totaling $3.6 billion in May 2021, a 1,914% increase compared to May 2020, when refunds and reduced travel bookings outpaced new ticket sales.* The total represents an 18% month-over-month increase from April 2021 and the fifth consecutive month of sales and passenger trip growth.

Month over month, May 2021 results showed:

Total passenger trips increased 7%;
U.S. domestic trips up 9%; and
International trips up 4%.

“Summer leisure travel continues to boost new ticket purchases. In May, we also saw corporate travel pick up more than in previous months,” said Chuck Thackston, managing director of data science and research at ARC. “In the coming months we’ll be watching how the loosening of travel restrictions in Europe impacts international travel originating from the U.S.”

Total passenger trips settled by ARC in May 2021 increased 336% year over year from 3,640,550 to 15,869,655. International passenger trips showed a greater percentage increase YOY than U.S. domestic trips, up 402% compared to 313%. U.S. domestic passenger trips continued to outpace international trips, totaling 11.2 million compared to 4.6 million. The average U.S. round-trip ticket price increased to $432 in May 2021 from $353 in May 2020.

Year over year, EMD sales for May 2021 increased 386% to $6,979,286, while EMD transactions increased 423% to 149,440.**

*Ticket Sales
**Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD)

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