Wednesday, 19 May 2021

LATAM Cargo Group partners with SkyCell to bring innovative hybrid container solutions to South American pharmaceutical market

SkyCell containers will be used to ship pharmaceuticals across key countries such as Chile, Brazil, and Argentina and help the South American airline expanding its pharma services.

SkyCell, the leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers, has partnered with LATAM Cargo Group to help ship pharmaceuticals to South America in a secure, safe, and sustainable way. This partnership comes at a crucial time for the pharmaceutical industry in South America, as the PHARMA volumes being transported by LATAM this year has more than doubled, compared to the same period in 2020. 

LATAM Cargo Group has the network and the expertise the pharmaceutical market requires for South America, and its use of SkyCell’s innovative container solutions through this partnership will help ensure these life-saving biologics make it to their destination in pristine condition. 

LATAM Cargo's partnership with SkyCell will help increase supply chain reliability and flexibility by ensuring cargo is kept at the optimal temperature throughout its journey, monitored by SkyCell's IoT and Lane Risk Assessment technology. 

SkyCell’s highly innovative hybrid containers allow pharma companies to optimize supply chains using data to predict and control risk. Using more than three-quarters of a billion data-points relating to factors including temperature, location, and time, the containers deliver a market-leading and audited failure rate of less than 0.1 per cent - compared to the commonly-accepted rate of up to 12 per cent - while reducing CO2 emissions by almost half. 

Cristina Oñate, VP Marketing & Product Development at LATAM Cargo Group: "Our new alliance with SkyCell expands our alternatives to continue satisfying our clients’ needs at a critical time for medicine and vaccine transportation. We continuously work to provide the highest cold chain standards, as these goods are delicate and extremely sensitive to temperature deviations. At LATAM Cargo, we are committed to supporting our clients in their daily operations and contributing to the current global health crisis by providing the best PHARMA experience and ensuring pharmaceutical products’ high quality levels." 

LATAM Airlines Group is Latin America’s leading airline group. It operates in five domestic markets across the region: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, and provides international service within Latin America and towards Europe, the United States and the Caribbean. 

The Group’s fleet is composed of Boeing 767, 777, 787, Airbus A350, A321, A320, A320neo and A319 aircraft.

LATAM Cargo Chile, LATAM Cargo Colombia and LATAM Cargo Brazil are the cargo subsidiaries of LATAM Airlines. They have access to the belly of the Group’s passenger aircraft and have a fleet of 11 freighters that will gradually expand until reaching 19 freighters by 2023. 

Chiara Venuti, Head of Airline Partners at SkyCell: “SkyCell’s innovative containers protect goods from the extreme temperature and seasonal changes that occur when shipping from Europe and North America to Latin America. Mitigating potential infrastructural challenges also, our containers provide additional security in the cold chain. By working with LATAM we can help more people get the life-saving medicines they need.”

Founded in Switzerland in 2012,  SkyCell is the leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled door to door container solutions that allows pharma companies to optimise their supply chain by reducing, and even predicting, the risk of delivering temperature-sensitive drugs by air. SkyCell brings together big data, software and hardware, transforming pharma logistics with its innovative solutions.       

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