Friday, 2 April 2021

U.S. airlines making political statements on voting issues.

Following the recent U.S. Presidential election that ousted Donald Trump and elected Joe Biden there have been moves in various states to change the way elections are run in future, allegedly to make them fairer and more secure.  Various states have introduced either introduced or are in the process of drafting new bills for their state lawmakers to vote on,  which is creating more division in an already divided nation.    

As a result,  some U.S. air carriers are making public statements,  which in one case could cost it dear. 

American Airlines issued the following statement on Texas Voting Legislation

Earlier this morning, the Texas State Senate passed legislation with provisions that limit voting access. To make American’s stance clear: We are strongly opposed to this bill and others like it. As a Texas-based business, we must stand up for the rights of our team members and customers who call Texas home, and honour the sacrifices made by generations of Americans to protect and expand the right to vote.

Voting is the hallmark of our democracy and is the foundation of our great country. We value the democratic process and believe every eligible American should be allowed to exercise their right to vote, no matter which political party or candidate they support.

We acknowledge how difficult this is for many who have fought to secure and exercise their constitutional right to vote. Any legislation dealing with how elections are conducted must ensure ballot integrity and security while making it easier to vote, not harder. At American, we believe we should break down barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion in our society – not create them.

Politicians in the state of Georgia,  the home state of mega-carrier Delta have narrowly voted to axe a tax break on fuel that will cost the carrier more than an estimated one billion a year. This was a tit for tat move, as one politician said, "You can't bite the hand that feeds you" over Delta's public stance on the new rules.   Delta issued the following statement from CEO Ed Bastian on Friday following the passage of election bills by the Georgia General Assembly, prior to the tax break

Delta believes that full and equal access to voting is a fundamental right for all citizens. Over the past several weeks, Delta engaged extensively with state elected officials in both parties to express our strong view that Georgia must have a fair and secure election process, with broad voter participation and equal access to the polls. The legislation signed this week improved considerably during the legislative process, and expands weekend voting, codifies Sunday voting and protects a voter’s ability to cast an absentee ballot without providing a reason. For the first time, drop boxes have also been authorized for all counties statewide and poll workers will be allowed to work across county lines. Nonetheless, we understand concerns remain over other provisions in the legislation, and there continues to be work ahead in this important effort. We are committed to continuing to listen to our people and our communities, and engage with leaders from both parties to ensure every eligible employee and Georgia voter can exercise their right to vote.

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