Sunday, 25 April 2021

Qantas boss slams into Rex Airlines yet again................

Alan Joyce the CEO of Australian airline Qantas has written an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review, in which he slams the small regional carrier Rex.  The two Aussie carriers have been engaging in a war of words which is damaging the reputations of both airlines.

The article reads more like a teenage bitch slapping rant, complaining about its much much smaller rival than a serious opinion piece from the chief of Australia's national airline. In the article Joyce complains about Rex throwing tantrums, yet responds in exactly the same way.   

He also rants on about Rex threatening to stop flying to certain regional towns, "they’ve used this “or else” strategy eight times in the past 12 months alone." stating that communities from Armidale to Kangaroo Island finding out from media reports that the flight service might end. Which is really not surprising as media reports are the way 94.2% of the travelling public find out about airline routes starting and ending. It is also partly the reason why Qantas themselves employ such a large media department.

Joyce slams Rex again claiming their aircraft are unsafe, saying:  "Rex likes to say that they are the most profitable airline in Australia, adjusted for size. That’s a dubious distinction when you have failed to invest in your fleet and propellers are literally falling off."

The bitch slaps keep on coming,  "Rex has now chalked up another dubious honour," writes Joyce, "They have presided over the worst launch of a new jet airline in Australia’s aviation history, with empty aircraft and announced routes never flown. This despite them insisting now was the perfect time for such a venture and – like the knight from Monty Python – that any setback is just a flesh wound."

The Qantas boss then predicts its comparatively tiny rival is heading for bankruptcy,  "We’ve all seen this movie before". 

The continuing verbal attacks between the leaders of the two airlines is such an unsavoury sight, it belittles and tarnishes the reputations of not only the CEO's but also the airlines themselves.  "The pathetic squabbling is unedifying" "Bitchy bosses bicker like teenagers" "Mongrel Wars" are just some of the comments being batted around on social media over the war of words between Rex and Qantas that shows a distinct lack of standards. 

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