Thursday, 8 April 2021

Finnair Plus members to use award points on the ePassi app in Finland.

It just got a whole lot easier for Finnair Plus members to spend their points when out and a bout in Finland.  From today, 7th April, the airline has arranged with ePassi, to allow Finnair Plus members to use award points on the ePassi app in Finland. 

ePassi is a leading mobile payments provider with 25,000 merchants in Finland and this is just the first phase of the partnership, Finnair Plus members can buy services from over 15,000 sport, culture, and wellbeing providers all over Finland using the ePassi app. Later in 2021, restaurants will also be available with points. Currently, Finnair Plus members can pay the total sum for a service in points and later it will be possible to combine points and money.  

Karolina Baszarkiewicz, Head of Loyalty, Finnair, said: “There’s a Finnair Plus member in every household in Finland and we want the programme to be relevant beyond flying. ePassi’s coverage across the country allows us to achieve that with ease. 

This partnership is all about making Finnair Plus points much easier to use in an everyday life context, especially on smaller purchases, and ePassi works with merchants of all sizes.  

It’s such an exciting opportunity for Finnair Plus members, because wherever you are in Finland you’ll find nearby services you want to use or that you’re using already.” 

Golf green fees, movie tickets and massages with Finnair Plus points 

Merchants in ePassi’s vast network include household names, such as Finnkino, Allas Sea Pool, Suomen Urheiluhierontakeskus, Levi ski resort, Heureka Finnish Science Centre, Rush Finland, and Kuntokeskus Liikku. A movie ticket is available for 3,500 points, spa visit from 3,000 points, and gym visit from 3,400 points. ePassi grew its merchants base by about 25% last year, as over 5,000 new merchants came on board.  

Pekka Rantala, CEO of ePassi, said: “We are very excited about this new level of partnership with Finnair, and we warmly welcome all Finnair Plus members to enjoy the rich variety of services that our nationwide network of merchants can provide.  

Mobile payments are replacing cards, paper vouchers and other older payment methods very fast, and our totally renewed state-of-the-art ePassi app offers users a fresh and modern mobile payment experience. Golf and tennis clubs, gyms, sports resorts, museums and thousands of other merchants can hardly wait to start to serve Finnair Plus members.” 

Between Finland and Sweden, ePassi has nearly 1.5 million users and is a leading mobile payment provider for employment benefits. The new partnership allows all Finnair Plus members in Finland to use ePassi, irrespective of whether they currently have access to the app as part of their employment benefits. 

Finnair Plus members can download the free ePassi application on their mobile device and connect ePassi to their Finnair Plus account. The ePassi app is available in English, Finnish and Swedish on Android and iOS devices. Finnair Plus members who already use ePassi should log in to ePassi and link their Finnair Plus account, after which Finnair Plus points will be available as a payment method. 

To find out more about the Finnair partnership with ePassi and to download ePassi for your mobile device, visit this page:  

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