Thursday, 1 April 2021

Alaska Airlines confirms order for more 737 MAX jets

An Alaska 737-9 departs Boeing Field. (Boeing Photo)

Alaska Airlines has put its confidence in the Boeing 737 MAX jet and confirmed an order for 23 737 MAX 9 aircraft. This deal was first announced in December 2020 as a commitment but now has been confirmed. It also includes options for 15 more aircraft.

In common with other airlines, Alaska is seeking to drop the MAX title from the aircraft and just refer to them as the 737-9 type, to disassociate the jets from the two fatal crashes that saw the type grounded over safety issues for around two years. 

With this additional confirmation, Alaska Airlines has orders for a total of 120 737 MAX aeroplanes.

Alaska Airlines received its first 737-MAX 9 in January and began revenue service on March 1. Its second 737-9 entered service on March 18, with two additional 737 MAX 9s scheduled to begin revenue service next week. The airline is embarking on a fleet modernization program to further improve the efficiency and sustainability of its operations. The 737-MAX 9 – equipped with new, more fuel-efficient engines and improved aerodynamics – will use 20% less fuel and reduce emissions by 20% per seat compared to older 737 aeroplanes it replaces.

Photo Alaska Airlines 

Photo Alaska Airlines

Photo Boeing

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