Friday, 12 February 2021

OAG's monthly frequency and capacity stats are out now

The Frequency and Capacity Statistics Report for February 2021 is now available with commentary from OAG's expert Analysts and additional information regarding the impact of Covid-19. 

With data sourced via Schedules Analyzer, the report contains facts and figures for the following categories, including a year on year comparison:

      •  Seats by Region
      •  Top 20 Country Pairs
      •  Top 20 Airlines
      •  Top 20 Airports

Capacity for the month of February is currently 47.4% below February 2020, and 14.3% (35 m seats) lower than last month. Each major region has seen capacity fall vs January 2021. In comparison to February 2020, only North East Asia saw an increase, due to the timing of when capacity began to fall in 2020 in China.

The greatest decrease in the last month has been seen in Asia Pacific where carriers have taken 17.3m seats out of the schedule. Much of this is in North East Asia, where an 18% reduction month-on-month equates to 14.2m fewer seats this month. Reductions in China (-11.9m) and Japan (-1.5m) account for most of this lost capacity. 

Download a copy of the report here. 

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