Monday, 18 January 2021

Air Canada to put the Boeing 737 MAX back into commercial operations from 1st Feb 2021

The Canadian leading carrier Air Canada as confirmed that from 1st February the carrier is putting the Boeing 737 MAX, grounded since two fatal crashes caused by poorly designed safety systems killed more than 330 people,  back in the commercial operations. 

The airline's Vice President, Flight Operations, Captain Murray Strom said: "We are very confident the nearly two-year regulatory process undertaken by Transport Canada and other regulators worldwide ensures the utmost safety of the Boeing 737 MAX fleet from nose to tail, and from wing to wing. As part of Air Canada’s multi-layered approach to reinforcing and enhancing safety, our internal experts have also worked with independent specialists to conduct assessments of the aircraft and our operating procedures,".

"In addition to implementing all required updates and modifications to the aircraft, Air Canada has gone beyond by equipping its fleet with additional safety-enhancing features that exceed required regulatory standards." concluded Captain Strom.

Routes operated by the Boeing 737 MAX:

Beginning Feb. 1, Air Canada’s 737 MAX will operate select flights between:

Toronto and: Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg
Air Canada will continue to deploy the fleet on routes that are best suited for its range and capacity.

Air Canada will gradually put the 737 MAX back on various routes from 1st February accorss its North American route network.  Air Canada has 24 Boeing 737 MAX 8s that have a seating capacity of 165 passengers, with 12 Business Class seats (2x2) and 153 Economy Class seats (3x3)

How customers can determine aircraft scheduled:
When browsing and booking flights, customers can determine what aircraft is scheduled by clicking on the “Details” link of the flight they are interested in.

For already booked flights, customers can determine the aircraft they are flying on by retrieving their booking from the “My Bookings” tab on or by tapping the “Trips” button on the Air Canada App, and then clicking on the “Details” link in the Flight Details section.

If you find that your flight is now scheduled to be on a 737 MAX, Air Canada offers these rebooking options:

Change your flight at no extra charge.
You can change your flight to fly on an alternate Air Canada flight* up to seven days before or after your original date of flight.
You can also choose to change your origin and/or destination to an alternate origin/destination within 200 miles.
*Within the same cabin.

Change your itinerary with no change fee.
If you would prefer to choose an alternate itinerary altogether outside of the above parameters, you can change your entire itinerary with no change fee (please note any difference in fare would apply).

No refunds if you cancel your flight
You can cancel your flight without penalty and convert your ticket to an Air Canada Travel Voucher that has no expiry date, or to Aeroplan points and earn an additional 65% bonus Aeroplan points. You will not be allowed to have a cash refund. 

More details on changing or cancelling on Air Canada's website.

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