Friday, 6 November 2020

UK-based Vaayu Group Acquires Air Transport Training College

 Air Transport Training College (ATTC) rises above the shifting aviation landscape with the acquisition by global company Vaayu Group. This move will catapult ATTC into the future with the launch of brand new courses and training programmes that are focused on skills training and re-training. This includes investing in courses in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence in aviation and in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) space.
Training for Opportunities

ATTC will leverage Vaayu Group’s international operations in the United States and Middle East and apply best practices to refresh its offerings in Singapore. With the latest implications of Covid-19 on the industry, the 21-year-old education institution views the situation as an opportunity to revitalise aviation training. The acquisition furthers ATTC’s commitment to provide lifelong learning and training that result in positive employment outcomes for students.
Emad AlMonayea, Chairman & President, Vaayu Group said, “The next few years are crucial for any aviation institution globally. With our operations across the world and ATTC’s solid foundation in education, we believe that ATTC will be well-positioned to achieve global benchmarks in aviation training. We hope that our insights and experience in the marketplace will help students further their journey in the aviation industry, individually and as a whole.”

Colin Koh, General Manager, ATTC said, “As a SAR-147 Maintenance Training Organisation, we continue to offer fundamental programmes that will equip students with hand skills and basic knowledge to become aircraft technicians. On top of that, new courses offered such as Lean Management and Project Management for Aerospace will focus on soft skills and knowledge that are much valued in the aerospace industry.”

“Lean management seeks to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity in the organisation. Studies have shown that the practice of Lean Management results in increased product quality. Improved efficiency would also free up employees and resources for innovation and quality control. These are tailored to make ATTC graduates competitive in the aviation job market,” he adds.
Mr. Vijay Arumbakkam, Chief Executive Officer at Vaayu Group and ATTC said, “We want to be the gold standard when it comes to aviation training. Our thought leadership and global ambitions will stand our students in good stead, especially in the new economy. With the paradigm shift in an already volatile environment, we are confident that the rejuvenation of programmes will be just what our students need, especially in the long term.”

ATTC recognises the pressing need to retrain and reorient personnel in the aviation industry to prepare them for any new opportunities that may arise. In addition to Diploma, Certificate and Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses that are offered currently, new contemporary programmes will be launched with the corporate executive market in mind. 

Programmes such as European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified courses, Aircraft Spray Painting, and Sheetmetal Structural Repair are in the pipeline to enable students to seek work in international markets. ATTC is also working with several partners to offer experienced Singaporean workers placement in the Middle East and internationally after completing their re-training programmes.

Gaining Ground in Emerging Technologies in Aviation

To be in sync with the rapid digitalisation in the aviation industry, specific training programmes in Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain and Cloud Technologies are already in the works. These technologies are bound to revolutionise Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), airline operations and the operations of freight integrators.
ATTC also plans to venture into the nascent and highly promising UAV space. While drone pilot training programmes are planned for the immediate future, ATTC hopes to blaze a new trail in the area of unmanned aerial vehicles and its applications in Singapore and Asia.

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