Friday, 20 November 2020

The British Government has abandoned airlines.......

Cities Restart, a start-up venture dedicated to helping UK cities restart during and after COVID-19 says the British Government has abandoned airlines in their hour of need. 

Derek Ray-Hill, Managing Director at Cities Restart, said: "We are trading nation, on the verge of leaving the world’s largest trade block. It’s incredible that the British Government is leaving it to our airlines and airports to develop their own testing. Our economic links to the rest of the world are vital in all sorts of ways - 50% of our non-EU exports are in the belly of passenger planes, but with passenger travel at a standstill, this just isn’t happening.

It’s welcome news to see airlines such as British Airways taking the lead on testing, but they shouldn’t have to. The Government needs to proactively establish a common testing platform across major international routes. London to New York, London to Dubai, and London to Singapore are some of Europe’s most important and popular links. By prioritising just a few international agreements, we will see a major boost to economic activity far beyond the tourism industry.

Building an international network for business, civic and third sector leaders, Cities Restart aims to build an international network of leaders who share a commitment to restarting more activity in cities responsibly and sustainably. Part knowledge hub, part campaign, part network that runs events and workshops, delivering analysis with recommendations to help the world get back on its feet. 

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