Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Hi Fly won't renew lease for Airbus A380 - tribute

The wet-lease specialist Hi Fly has confirmed that when the lease from their second hand Airbus A380 comes up for renewal,  they won't be renewing it. 

Hi Fly is planning the phase-out the double-decked giant Airbus A380 at the end of the lease term later this year, following almost three years of successful operations worldwide.

This sad decision is, the firm says, a direct consequence of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, that has drastically reduced the demand for very large aircraft. Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and British Airways are just three A380 operators that have either parked all or some of their A380 fleets because of the pandemic. 

Hi Fly belongs to the very exclusive club of only 15 airlines to ever operate the A380, the largest and most advanced aircraft of all times. This aircraft was a testimony to how far human being can go in developing something so extraordinary.

One of the most striking things about Hi Fly's big beauty was the fantastic paint job for “Save the Coral Reefs” which was striking and carried this responsible message to hundreds of millions of people in the four corners of the world.

Hi Fly says the A380 will be replaced in the fleet by additional Airbus A330’s, which is a smaller aircraft, but perhaps more suited to the current market conditions and lack of demand.

Whilst this is a rather sad and sombre announcement for the wet leasing specialist airline, it really doesn't come as much of a surprise.  The current situation makes such large aircraft relatively useless, the demand is just no longer there.  The big jet is costly to care for comparatively when not in the air on revenue services and customer airlines just don't want such a big (and expensive) aircraft flying for them at this time.  

The aircraft is now likely to be scrapped as there appears to be no secondhand market for such jets in the present time. Even British Airways is looking to find new homes for some of its A380s which are only a relatively new addition to the company's fleet.

Hi Fly is asking former passengers, plane spotters, aviation enthusiasts and anyone who has seen the aircraft, or flown in it, to been inspired by it to make a tribute to send to them. All messages, pictures, photos or other such tributes will be showcased on a A380 mural to display at the carriers Lisbon Headquarters until the last day of this iconic aircraft's operational life at Hi Fly.  They will then be placed inside a box and fly onboard 9H-MIP on its final flight.

Send us your tribute message to and share your 9H-MIP memories with stories, photos, collage, artwork… the sky is literally the limit!

All photos from HiFly 
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