Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Wizz Air to open 38th base at Bari............The budget airline will base one Airbus A321 aircraft at Bari airport in December 2020

Wizz Air, the budget carrier from Hungary has confirmed its 38 base will be Bari. The airline will base one Airbus A321 aircraft at Bari airport in December 2020. Along with the establishment of the new base and complementing the already operated 16 routes, Wizz Air announced 3 new routes from Bari to Bologna, Turin, Verona, 3 new routes from Milan Malpensa to Naples, Brindisi, Lamezia Terme and one new route connecting Catania with Verona, starting from December 2020. The Bari - Milan Malpensa route’s frequency will be raised from seven to eleven flights per week.

The further development of Wizz Air’s offering from Bari, Milan Malpensa and Catania, as well as the establishment of its 3 Italian base in Bari, underpins the airline’s long term commitment to bring ever more affordable and greener travel opportunities to its Italian travellers. Wizz Air started flying to Bari in 2010, and since then has carried almost 1 million passengers to and from that city. The base establishment will create over 40 new direct jobs. With this investment Wizz Air will contribute to economic development and create hundreds of new jobs in the local job market. 

Wizz Air is a financially stable, investment grade credit rated airline flying a young and modern fleet with an average age of 5 years, comprising of 134 most efficient and sustainable Airbus A320 and Airbus A320neo family single aisle aircraft. The A320neo and A321neo have pioneered and incorporated the latest technologies, including its new generation engines and the industry's reference cabin design, delivering 20 percent less fuel burn and nearly a 50 percent reduction in noise footprint compared to previous generation aircraft. This next-age technology aircraft enables Wizz Air to become the greenest airline and lowest cost producer in Europe. Wizz Air’s carbon-dioxide emissions were the lowest among European airlines in FY2019 (57.2 gr/km/passenger). The airline continues to take deliveries of its order book of over 250 state-of-the-art Airbus A320neo family aircraft which will enable the carrier to sustainably run its operations on the long run and further reduce its environmental footprint by 30% for every passenger until 2030. Wizz Air is dedicated to sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.

This growth comes with the new era of sanitised travel, with Wizz Air having led the industry restart by saying ‘yes to flying’ and implementing stringent health and hygiene measures to protect passengers and crew. Whilst the HEPA filters of all Wizz Air aircraft already filter out 99.97% of viruses and bacteria from the air, Wizz Air’s new protocols support physical distancing guidelines, ensure an ultra-clean environment on board and reduce any non-essential human interaction and physical contact, so that WIZZ passengers can feel confident that they are travelling to their destination safely.

By adding WIZZ Flex to a booking, passengers can rest assured that if circumstances change, or they simply wish to travel on a different date, or to a different destination, they can rebook on any WIZZ flight of their choice. Providing that extra layer of protection for passenger bookings, is a peace of mind during these uncertain times.

George Michalopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer at Wizz Air, said: “Today’s announcement underlines our commitment to Italy and the strength of the Wizz Air business model, as we continue to expand our footprint during this challenging time for the industry. The creation of our third base in Italy with one state-of-the-art modern aircraft emphasizes the importance of the Italian market for our operations. We’re delighted to introducing new ultra-low fares domestic routes - three form Bari, three from Milan Malpensa, one connecting Verona and Catania. By keeping ourselves to the highest standards of our sanitizing protocols, we are confident that Wizz Air’s attractive fares and great route network will make travel affordable to ever more passengers in Italy.”

Tiziano Onesti, President of Aeroporti di Puglia, added: “Today's agreement with Wizz Air seals a collaboration that began in 2009 and developed in continuity with AdP's strategy of expanding the markets served, with particular reference to the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, as well as diversifying the offer from part of international and low cost carriers. With this agreement, AdP and Wizz Air are also focusing on the national market which immediately represents the main driver of a hoped-for rapid recovery in air transport. It is not just about inaugurating or announcing a route; today Wizz opens a base in Puglia, we become even more partners and we share together the development of Connections that see Bari, first, and Brindisi, later, as points of reference for a shared growth of the network. This is the sense of opening an operational base in Puglia, not just a simple destination but a location that is part of a broader and therefore strategic industrial project. All this in order to re-engage the traffic growth dynamics of the Apulian airports, already programmed in the Strategic Plan. Furthermore, despite the contingent pandemic crisis situation, Wizz Air is strengthening and renewing the air fleet with the new low emission A321 Neo, in line with the objectives that AdP also sets itself, among the few European airports adhering to the Global Compact of the UN, for the protection of the environment. The agreement with Wizz Air can only help stimulate all operators in the Apulian Territory, public and private, in order to create, together with the airports, an ecosystem that allows Puglia to continue to be a place of attraction for tourist flows. of industrial settlements, research and development and opportunities”


Operating Days


Fares from



17 December 2020

EUR 4.99


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

17 December 2020

EUR 4.99


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

18 December 2020

EUR 4.99


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

17 December 2020

EUR 4.99



10 December 2020

EUR 4.99



15 December 2020

EUR 4.99


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday x2

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday x1

17 December 2020

EUR 4.99




Frequency update


7x → 11x

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