Saturday, 3 October 2020

Bombardier rejigs senior management positions as it moves to become a "Pure-play" business jet company

The Canadian firm Bombardier has announced it has begun the process of streamlining its senior leadership team as it transitions to a pure-play business jet company. 

Whilst no-one is exactly sure what the definition of a 'pure-play' business jet company is, part of the process seems to be to simply cut costs - the firm is axing several leadership positions, the latest being  Bombardier Aviation's president, David Coleal who has departed the company.

“With the sale of Bombardier Transportation nearing completion, we are preparing for our future as a business aviation company,” said Éric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc. “Our goal is to create a leaner, more agile and customer-centric company to better capture growth opportunities with our industry-leading business jet portfolio. This includes simplifying our corporate leadership structure.”

“I want to acknowledge and thank David Coleal for his many contributions to Bombardier,” Martel continued. “We wish David continued success in his future endeavours.” 

The massive Bombardier group has been on an incredibly rapid reduction and reorganisation programme in recent years. A highlight of that was the sale of the flagship CSeries commercial aircraft division to Airbus, which has since made the A220 a best seller in its aircraft class. Gradually,  the sperate divisions are being split off and sold, yet still, even with the proceeds of mass sales at what some Canadian business analysts are saying are 'knock-down' rates,  the firm still has a mountain of debt and a future black hole in its pension pot that surely requires some investigation. More announcements are to be expected as it moves to be a 'pure-play' business jet firm.

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