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What's New in the Flying Business

What’s New in the Flying Business 

This industry is in constant improvement. The times change, necessities are different, and evolution takes part. It’s not only about planes themselves, but everything that takes part in this business, from airports to lounges, to aeroplanes and to security measures. Not only due to technological evolution, but also because of the current world’s state, it is necessary to take different precautions when you find yourself in the necessity of flying, as you want to feel protected and safe. This year has brought so many alterations to airports, and even though many are still closed, next time you travel, be aware of these next trends I’ll be going through, which will make flying so much more comfortable, easier, and even more pleasant.

Private Jet Charter Companies

Even though these companies have existed for quite a while now, they’re still new for some people. Private jets came to make life easier for those who are constantly travelling, and it looks like they’re here to stay. This industry took private jets and made them more accessible to a larger number of people, easing up their trips. This way, for those travelling a lot, it becomes an option to have in mind. Not only more comfortable, but sometimes cheaper than regular plane tickets, with companies offering monthly subscriptions, which in some cases might be beneficial and help save you some money. If you’re interested in finding out more about their cost and average prices, click here.


One important reason why people are choosing this service is the safe feeling it offers its passengers. A global pandemic it’s not something you should take lightly, and if there’s a way to avoid taking risks, it’s always better. This said, a private jet will always be safer than a commercial plane, full of people, even if they follow all the safety measures. So, next time you travel, keep this option in mind. 

Meals Evolution on Board

A lot of airline companies from different countries have been working on improving the flying experience given to the passengers during a flight. One thing most people can agree on, is that aeroplane food is not exactly the best, unless it’s first-class, where the benefits are considerably different. However, this is something that is increasingly changing in various companies, and there’s starting to appear a rivalry between them to overcome and improve their meal options, avoiding more and more packed foods and offering a bigger range of meals.


There are a few great examples of this happening already, like in the SAS Scandinavian airline, who started producing and serving craft beer, specially designed for flights, (certainly, craft beer fans will be happy about this!) Singapore Airlines, on the other hand, has been working on bringing fresh ingredients from the farm, directly to the tray, which has been making passengers much more satisfied. However, this is just the beginning, and each day new, and better options will come around. 

Green Is the Color 

Evolution is great, as it makes our lives much easier and helps us in everyday tasks, however, there are two sides to it. Some advances are useful but terrible for the environment, and others are here to replace the first ones. Times change, and, sadly, climate changes too so, now more than ever, we need to take care of our planet and use greener options to do it. Aeroplanes are essential machines used everyday, however, they use an absurd amount of fuel, and with that comes the rising carbon emission to the atmosphere. Replacing the whole system to make it better for the planet can be very expensive, but fortunately, airline companies are taking priority in finding a way to do it. A combination of emissions reduction, better fuel efficiency, improvements in air traffic management and biofuel are the most popular trends. This is a change that we should all support, we just have one planet, so let’s take care of it. 

Wrapping up 

An important industry like this one needs to keep itself updated, in order to serve their customers the best way possible. Companies have faced a lot of challenges through the years, from the 9/11 attack to the current pandemic, but they have never failed to provide safety and quality, and it’s amazing how well this has been working out. In case you were wondering if it’s safe to travel again or if airlines are worried about their passengers, then I hope this helped you understand the changes that have been happening, to make sure everyone is safe and enjoying the best service available. Thank you for your time, and travel safely!

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