Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Multimillion Pound Prize for First Carbon Free Commercial Flight across the Atlantic

 Sustainability expert Carbon Footprint Ltd carbonfootprint.com has launched the world's first Freedom Flight Prize freedomflightprize.org. The competition is open to manufacturers, research/academic groups and inventors to design and fly a 100+ seater passenger aircraft powered by 100% renewable energy. The plane must complete a return trip from London to New York; each leg of the trip in under 10 hours and must finish the return leg within 24 hours of starting out on the round trip. The first to complete this historic flight will win the Freedom Flight Prize, which is expected to be in the £millions by the time the prize is won.

The Freedom Flight Prize gives anyone the opportunity to support and encourage this historic venture freedomflightprize.org/sponsors. Businesses, organisations, philanthropists and the general public are being urged to get involved and support the legacy-forming project through different promotion, sponsorship and donation opportunities.

Said John Buckley, MD of Carbon Footprint Ltd, Aerospace Engineer and founder of the Freedom Flight Prize, "This is the revolution that I have been waiting my whole career for – the Freedom Flight Prize puts 100% renewable flights right in the spotlight in order to address the climate emergency we face. The Prize does not accept the compromise that long haul travel produces a high carbon footprint – in fact it recognises that the technologies to power flights solely on sustainable renewable energy are available. We anticipate that the Freedom Flight Prize will propel the travel industry to deliver on the needs of the people and the planet."

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