Friday, 18 September 2020

CreditShop to Partner With Spirit Airlines for More Travel Options

CreditShop Holdings LLC (CreditShop) announced its partnership with Spirit® Airlines (Spirit) today, aimed at expanding rewards and travel options for members of the Free Spirit® loyalty program. CreditShop, a leading non-bank credit card company in the United States, will complement Spirit’s existing credit card program by serving near-prime customers who may have been previously unable to obtain one of the airline’s co-branded cards. This will significantly expand access to Free Spirit’s industry-leading credit card program when the partnership launches in early 2021.

Spirit’s goal of providing Guests with high-value, low-cost travel matches up with CreditShop’s mission of providing simple and easy-to-understand credit cards with premium value.

“Our ability to be a complementary lender, partnering with leading travel and retail brands, is a natural progression for our company,” CreditShop Head of Revenue and Business Development Matt Tomko said. “It expands our ability to fulfill our mission to empower an audience that has largely been overlooked in the financial industry that tends to focus on the prime segment.”

The co-branding partnership with Spirit is a natural extension of CreditShop’s strategic growth, which encompasses digital, cloud-based advancements designed specifically for the underserved near-prime segment.

“Our objective is to provide hard-working Americans with simple and flexible solutions,” CreditShop CEO James Peterson said. “We are well-positioned to serve near-prime customers to allow them to build better credit for a better life.”

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