Wednesday, 16 September 2020

British Airways backing away hideous fire and rehire regime

Photo  British Airways 

British Airways appears to be pulling back from the hideous fire and rehire policy it introduced to thin out its workforce dramatically, in the wake of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

In a surprise to the airline's HR departments, BA's boss Alex Cruz told MP's there was no need for the firm to lay off cabin crew and then rehire them, many on such inferior terms, they would be faced pay cuts of 50%.  Speaking at a Transport Select Committee in London, Cruz said the airline would now follow the "standard methodology" by seeking agreements with unions over contract amendments.

Cruz told the Members of Parliament  "there will be no need to issue new contracts", subject to staff approval after reaching an agreement with the Unite trade union.  

The airline had caused an outcry, when it introduced the policy earlier this year, leading many public figures to denounce the airline as a national disgrace and customer associations to instigate boycott calls.   

Cruz told MPs there were provisions for “having discussions about the restoration of pay in the future.” although, for the present,  many staff will see pay cuts,  usually between 10 and 15%. 

Despite the airline resuming many flights,  the airline was still struggling, "we are still fighting for our survival". According to Cruz, "Last week we flew 187,000 passengers in and out of the UK. - The same week the previous year we flew just under one million passengers.".

Some commentators believe the change of direction for the airline is a direct result of the former BA boss, Willy Walsh leaving parent company IAG, with a hefty £833,000 bonus, in addition to his £3.2million package for last year. 

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