Thursday, 24 September 2020

American Airlines adds new features to its app...

American Airlines has added some new updates to its app to provide additional ways to promote a touchless travel journey.  

With the latest customer upgrade to the app, the airline has added two new features: App Clips and widgets. Customers who have downloaded the latest iOS to their mobile devices will be able to access these new features immediately.

“We’re all using our mobile device for everything these days,” said Steven Leist, Vice President Customer Technology at American. “With these new features, we’re making important flight information super easy to find and also allowing customers a touchless check-in experience. Even if a customer doesn’t have our app downloaded, they will still be able to check in on their mobile device and have a touchless kiosk experience. We are always looking for ways to make the mobile experience innovative, safe, and seamless for our customers.”

Building on a touchless experience

Expanding on the airline’s Clean Commitment, all American Airlines customers now have the option to check in on their own mobile device, even if they do not have the American Airlines app, if they wish to avoid the kiosk. With App Clips, customers can scan a QR code found on the home screen of the airport kiosk that will launch the check-in process on their mobile device and provides a digital boarding pass.

Initially, this feature will be available at kiosks at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. American plans to roll out the feature across its network at a later date.

Providing customers with convenient information

Knowing when your next flight is scheduled to depart or where your connecting flight gate is located are customer notifications that are sometimes hard to find on your mobile device. With widgets, customers will be provided with the latest flight notifications that are in the American Airlines app as a tile on the home screen of their iPhone, making them easier to find and access.

Clean Commitment

American continues to build on its commitment to the safety and well-being of its customers and team members throughout their travel journey. In addition to the airline’s extensive, multilayered cleaning processes throughout operations, the airline has focused on advancing technological developments that could limit interactions and provide travellers additional peace of mind.

The American Airlines app provides a touchless experience from booking and check-in to printing bag tags for checked baggage without using a kiosk screen. The app now features a chat function so customers can ask a Customer Care representative for assistance in real-time.

In Admirals Club® lounges, digital magazines and newspapers are free to download on your device and enjoy in flight. Signature food-for-sale menu items can be accessed using QR codes.

The airline has launched a new travel tool, powered by Sherpa, to help customers quickly see the current coronavirus (COVID-19) travel guidelines for domestic and international destinations.

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