Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Sheremetyevo Airport Resumes Full-Scale Operations at Terminal D

Sheremetyevo International Airport's Terminal D began servicing international and domestic flights on August 1. The opening of Terminal D was made possible by the gradual ending of restrictions on domestic and international passenger traffic and the gradual increase in the number of flights arriving at and departing from the airport.

Terminal D was closed to passengers temporarily on April 1 amid a decrease in passenger traffic and the introduction of additional restrictions in international air transportation.

The first international departure from Terminal D is Aeroflot flight 2130 was scheduled to depart for Istanbul on 1 August at 07:50 Moscow time. The first regular international arrival is Aeroflot 2131 from Istanbul is scheduled for 17:00 Moscow time.

Departure from Terminal D of the first regular domestic flight, Nordwind 4541 on the Sheremetyevo-Omsk route, was scheduled for 1 August at 00:10 Moscow time. The first domestic arrival, Rossiya 5800 from Sochi, was scheduled for 00:45 Moscow time.

Terminal D provides a range of necessary services and facilities:

Multilevel parking;
Public transport stops;
Sale of goods in vending machines (including PPE);
Cafes and restaurants;
Heinemann Duty Free shops;

Express diagnostic service for coronavirus with results available in 60 minutes (Terminal D health center). The test results are issued in Russian and English.

Sheremetyevo Airport pays special attention to protecting the safety and health protection of customers, guests and employees. To this end, Sheremetyevo is fully implementing a set of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of state bodies and medical institutions.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is fully ready to resume regular international passenger flights.

Taking into account possible changes, passengers are advised to check the status of flights through official communication channels and in the contact centres of airlines and Sheremetyevo airport.

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