Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Net Promoter Score for Condor reaches peak in July

 In July, Condor achieved a Net Promoter Score of +41.2, the highest value since the initial survey in October 2014. Passengers are more satisfied than ever before at the moment - and this in Corona times, which poses huge challenges for the entire aviation industry.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a cross-industry indicator of customer satisfaction. In a standardized survey, the willingness to recommend the company to others is questioned. Customers can express this with a value from 0 (very unlikely) to 10 (very likely). The results then result in a cross-company comparable measured value, which can range between -100 and 100.

60.1 percent of guests in July would recommend Condor to others. The respondents were particularly satisfied with the punctuality achieved, the condition of the aircraft and the safety standards. By comparison, Condor achieved a value of +27.0 in July 2019. The strong result with an increase of 14.2 points is due to the stable short and medium-haul routes despite the crisis. At +33.8 points, the NPS up to July 2020 is well above the target value and 13.5 points above the previous year's figure.

"To achieve an NPS value of +41.2 in challenging times like these is a remarkable result," says Rainer Kröpke, Director Customer Experience at Condor. "It shows that our measures onboard are appreciated by the guests. This can only be achieved through the good cooperation of all those involved on the ground and in the air, and we can be very proud of this".

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