Friday, 10 July 2020

Landmark Recovery Announces Charitable Partnership with American Airlines Unions

Landmark Recovery has announced a charitable partnership with American Airlines, CWA, AFLCIO, CBTU and Farm Share to help American Airlines employees at the Miami-Dade Airport who, due to COVID, have seen a significant decrease in work hours.

Landmark is participating in a food drive for the Miami-Dade Airport American Airlines union employees on July 9th. At this event put together by CWA, and hosted at an American Airlines airplane hangar, Landmark volunteers will help provide boxes of food for CWA union members to help provide food for their families.

CWA local 3140 President Georgina Felix shared the vision for this food drive with Landmark’s liaison Stephanie Davis, “As the local Union President, it is my job to make sure our members are taken care of, and when unfortunate circumstances led to a lack of available work hours for members, I knew they needed help providing food for their families. I’m so grateful for all of our partners that are making this happen and for Landmark providing volunteers and rotisserie chickens so that families can take home a hot meal.”

In addition to this food drive event, Landmark will be partnering with American Airlines, CWA, United Way, AFLCIO and many other local organizations to host a resource fair on July 14th at the Miami-Dade Airport for American Airlines union employees. This resource fair will have many different businesses available to help these individuals get back on their feet as quickly as possible, like banks, credit unions, United Way, tax support, job support, churches, etc.

Justin Hartman, Chief Marketing Officer at Landmark Recovery, shared, “At Landmark, our values include doing the right thing, and volunteering at these events and providing meals for those in need is definitely the right thing. Helping communities that are getting hit hardest by COVID and its economic impact is extremely important, and Landmark is committed to helping.”

Landmark Recovery and their partners are following all guidelines set by the CDC and local authorities to make sure these events are safe for members to attend during COVID. The food drive event will be a drive-through to limit exposure, and all volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves. At the resource fair, all staff and guests will be required to wear a mask, the booths and guests will be social distancing, there will be hand sanitizer in designated locations and they are limiting the number of people allowed into the resource fair at one time.

“Volunteer events and opportunities to give back to the community are part of the fabric of who we are at Landmark,” said Matt Boyle, Chief Operations Officer at Landmark Recovery. “ And I am really grateful that we get to be a part of making sure families have a hot meal to eat and resources to help them get back on their feet during these hard times.”

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