Thursday, 2 July 2020

Alaska Airlines gets strict on mask don't want to get a yellow card.

Photo by Alaska Flight Attendant Molly Choma. @mollychoma

Alaska Airlines will start to get strict regarding the wearing of face masks during flights.  For the safety and health of everyone onboard its flights, the carrier has said its flight attendants will be able to issue a final notice to any guest who repeatedly refuses to wear a mask or face covering.

With that warning – in the form of a yellow card handed to them – the guest's travel will be reviewed and could be suspended for a period. It's a decision that would not be made lightly.

The carrier said that "Overwhelmingly, those who fly with us understand and appreciate the importance of wearing masks and face coverings during this time of COVID-19. We also rely heavily on our guests to do the right thing for the greater good of everyone onboard our flights."    However, there have been times when some travellers have disregarded or disobeyed the mask requirement. It creates tension and anxiety for many of the other passengers on the flight,  who have taken heed of the requirement and are wearing masks, so, a change is needed.

“We take pride in our excellent customer service, a main reason so many of our guests enjoy flying with us. That stays the same,” said Ben Minicucci, Alaska’s president. “We’re counting on both our guests and employees to be considerate of one another to wear face coverings and contribute to our constant effort to keep everyone healthy and safe.”

All Alaska Air's passengers will now be asked during check-in to sign off on a required health agreement to acknowledge and attest to their willingness to adhere to the mask policy.

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