Monday, 27 July 2020

Airline shares dip following quarantine rules for Spain introduced

Following news over the weekend of a quarantine period of 14 days being reintroduced for people returning from the Spanish mainland,  airline and travel company shares have taken a hit.

Europe’s biggest holiday company, TUI has seen its share price fall by 8.4%.  The travel firm decided yesterday to cancel Spanish holidays until 9 August. 

IAG -  owner of British Airways and Iberia had a share fall of 7.8%.

The budget carrier easyJet's shares dropped by 9%.  It's Chief Executive Michael O’Leary says the quarantine was “a badly managed overreaction” and asserted that his airline will not halt or reduce Spanish bound flights.

The high-fee-low-fare airline Ryanair was down 5.59%

Wizz Air was down 4.1%

Holiday firm On The Beach suffered a big drop,  down almost 12 points to 273.71

IHG   the hotel group was down 3.7%

Private jet organiser Air Partner was down 8.%

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