Friday, 19 June 2020

TUIfly to half its fleet

TUIfly confirmed this week that as part of a major restructuring programme, it will half the number of aircraft it has in its fleet.

The carrier had been expected to restructure its operations earlier in the year, however the global coronavirus pandemic has forced the company to accelerate those plans.  Part of these changes will see its various European operations merging into one which will have its main base at  Hanover, Germany.

The firm said “TUIfly plans to reduce the number of jobs in technical, administrative and crew functions as fewer aircraft are used. In future, TUIfly intends to concentrate on the departure airports of Hanover and Düsseldorf as the largest fleet locations, as well as Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart,” it said.

It is currently unclear on how many people around Europe will lose their jobs because of the major reduction in operations and aircraft, however consultations have already begun. 

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