Saturday, 6 June 2020

The Baltic States are open!

Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have opened their borders for tourists from several European countries lifting the self-isolation requirement. Being among the destinations least affected by COVID-19, Baltic States are a smart choice for your summer holidays.

airBaltic offers direct flights to Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius from almost 50 European cities. Book your tickets until June 30 and enjoy extra flexibility – the option to change your flight date once without a fee,  see below for more details about airBaltic's new safety procedures. 

Riga has been called many things over the centuries -  the Paris of the North, or a Window to the West and even Amber City.   Riga is a cosmopolitan city, located on the Daugava River by which it has access to the Baltic Sea, it is the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States.

There is so much to see and do, even if it is just to look at the scenery and architecture, for example, if you take a hike around the Old Town you'll find the House of Blackheads. Many say this is the most impressive building in Riga which was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in 1999. Check out the 3 Brothers, which is perhaps the oldest stone building in the city.  Of course, there is the cathedral and castle to visit, plus Powder Tower, the city wall and a number of other sights to take your fancy.

Vilnius is a remarkable city to visit, its got its arty side,  its historic side and its vibrant underside that are all captivating and beguiling. Baroque architecture is popular here, mixed in are some other styles that can seem to transport you back in time - at least for a while. Indeed,  the old part of Vilnius is said to have one of Europe’s largest collections or groupings of historic buildings.  Napolean was said to have been very fond of the city and wanted to take bits away with him.  There is a charm to the city and it is rather good value for money - especially compared to other European cities popular for weekend breaks away.

Tallinn, the pride of Estonia is an eclectic mix of the traditional and the modern, where 13th century cobbled streets meet modern arty hipster delights!   The city does have an arty feel to it,   many old buildings, once left abandoned and vacant have been turned into art galleries, show off spaces, restaurants and museums. Kadriorg Park is also popular, especially if romance is your desire! Oh,   I'm also told that somewhere in the city is a monastery that dates back to 1246 or thereabouts,  I've not found my way there yet,  there have always been too many other things vying for attention and a good deal of food just begging to be eaten! 

Before the flight

Only travel if you are in good health. If you don’t feel well, change your flight date, as all airBaltic tickets are changeable (a fee and price difference might apply).
Check the latest information about travel regulations on official websites and with local embassies of the respective countries. In many countries, only residents are allowed to enter or quarantine might apply.
Use online check-in where available to minimize human contact. Online check-in opens from 5 days up to 1 hour prior to departure (depending on ticket type and airport).
Pre-order your inflight meal, add baggage and other services online using contactless payment.

At the airport

Only passengers with valid boarding pass or flight ticket are allowed to enter Riga Airport terminal.
Wear a protective face mask during the whole trip – from the moment you enter the terminal until you walk out of the airport at your destination. Children below 6 years and people having a medical reason are exempted for wearing face masks. airBaltic will provide each passenger onboard with a complimentary Basic care kit including a face mask and disinfecting wipes.
Try to keep a distance from other people at check-in, bag drop, security control, boarding and other places where it is possible.
Check-in and bag drop counters are equipped with protective barriers. All airport staff wear protective face masks and gloves.
Your body temperature will be measured before the security check. Passengers with a body temperature above 37,8⁰C will not be allowed to fly. We ask these passengers to go to the airBaltic ticket office at Riga airport or contact our call centre to rebook the flight or find another solution.
For your convenience, hand disinfectant is available throughout the airport.
Passenger terminals and busses are regularly disinfected.
In each airport, health protection measures may be different. At some airports, Business lounges might be temporarily closed. Please check the latest information on the website of each airport.


To minimize physical contact between passengers boarding will start from the rear part.
Self-scan your boarding pass and show your travel document to the boarding agent.
To follow the distancing rules airport bus boarding and de-boarding will be done with a reduced number of passengers.


As long as there are enough free seats, we will try to leave an empty seat next to each passenger. If this is not possible for all passengers, families and groups will be seated together. Please be aware that due to distancing reasons last-minute seat changes may apply. 
Our crew wear protective face masks and gloves during the whole flight. We kindly ask you to wear the face mask as well, until the moment you exit the airport in your destination country.
Each passenger will receive a complimentary Basic care kit including a protective face mask and two disinfecting wipes. If you want to change your mask during the flight, put the used mask in the empty Basic care kit envelope and give it to the cabin crew for disposal. Clean your hands with a disinfecting wipe before putting on the new mask.
Our Airbus A220-300 aircraft are equipped with modern environmental control system. Airborne pathogens from the cabin air are eliminated when the air passes through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that provides the best level of filtration available for cabin air. Filtered air is mixed with the outside air that is heated in engines to achieve your comfort and wellbeing.  Airflow is supplied from above the overhead compartment flowing towards the floor, eliminating airflow along the cabin to minimize the air transmission amongst passengers.
Choose food and drinks from the disposable menu card which the cabin crew will hand out to Economy class passengers. In Business class meal service is included.
All products are prepared and packed separately in our kitchen under strict hygiene standards.
Payment with card only. No cash payment accepted on board.
Our aircraft are regularly disinfected. After each return flight, we carefully clean all commonly used surfaces such as armrests, backrests, meal tray tables, seatbelt latches, air and light gaspers, overhead bin handles, galleys and toilets. Every night we perform a more in-depth disinfection, and twice a week each aircraft goes through full cabin disinfection including ceiling, walls and other surfaces.
Watch airBaltic video here.

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