Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Flying bus over Alaska.....

Photo Sgt. Seth LaCount/Alaska National Guard via AP
There was an unusual sight in the skies over Alaska last week,  when a massive twin-rotor Chinook helicopter was flying high over the countryside with an old bus slung below it, swinging slightly in the wind as they transversed the skies. 

According to recent news reports in the area, hundreds of people had been putting themselves at great risk by visiting or at least attempting to, the old bus that had been made famous by a 1996 book byJohn Krakauer called ‘Into the Wild'.

Officials have said that the visitors were putting themselves in all kinds of crazy and bizarre situations in order to visit the bus and get a good photo for a good photo or story for social media or tales from there travels. 

In the book, Chris McCandles, a college graduate hitchhiked across America and ends up dying in the same abandoned bus, of starvation in this same bus, which according to locals had been abandoned in the 1960's. Apparently, he survived in the bus for 114 days, writing in a journal about his experience, before he died. Since then, the story has inspired thousands of people to come and visit the bus, which is around 40 or so kilometres away from the highway.

The local Denali Borough Council have repeatedly asked for the bus to be removed and the case for it to be taken away became even greater last year when a man from Belarus died around the ancient derelict vehicle.  Earlier this year, at least 5 Italian tourists had to be rescued from the area around the bus. 

Now, the bus has been flown away to a completely different location for storage, whether the will put off intrepid explorers from trekking all that way remains to be seen, but there is one less instagramable image if they do make it to the site. 

PhotoSgt. Seth LaCount/Alaska National Guard via AP

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