Monday, 15 June 2020

A US Air Force F-15C Eagle has crashed off the East Yorkshire coast

An F15 C                                                                                    Photo US Air Force
An  F-15C Eagle from the US Air Force 48th Fighter Wing stationed at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk has crashed into the sea off the East Yorkshire coast.

The fast fighter jet had taken off from RAF Lakenheath at around 09:40 this morning as was said to have been on a routine training mission.  According to reports,  the pilot made a mayday distress call approximately 74 nautical miles, around 137kms, offshore and an emergency response was initiated. 

HM Coastguard spokesperson said: "The HM Coastguard helicopter from Humberside has been sent along with Bridlington and Scarborough RNLI lifeboats.

"Following a Mayday broadcast by HM Coastguard, other vessels nearby are heading to the area."

 The US Air Force has confirmed that only one pilot was on board and would not be drawn on speculation regarding the cause of the crash.  It is understood the aircraft was flying in close formation with three other aircraft at the time of the incident.

48th Fighter Wing commander Will Marshall sent this video update on downed aircraft and the missing pilot.

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