Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Portugal is “Clean & Safe” says the tourist board and no quarantine for visitors.

The tourist authority of Portugal is setting up a new programme to advise tourists that the country is clear and safe as it opens up and starts to kick start the recovery as summer dawns.

At the same time, the foreign minister has confirmed that mainland Portugal will not impose a quarantine on visitors arriving by air this summer.

“Clean & Safe”  Turismo de Portugal has created a stamp of approval to distinguish tourist activities which are compliant with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other possible infections, thus reinforcing the tourist’s confidence in the safety of the destination.

This validation is free and optional and is valid for one year. It requires the implementation of an internal protocol for companies that, according to the recommendations of the DGS – Directorate-General for Health (similar to the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK), ensures the necessary hygiene measures are in place to avoid risks of contagion and a guarantee of safe procedures for the operation of tourist activities.

The “Clean & Safe” stamp can be obtained online as of April 24th, on the digital platforms of Turismo de Portugal: RNET (National Register of Tourist Enterprises), RNAAT (National Register of Tourist Entertainment Agents) and RNAVT (National Register of Travel and Tourism Agents) and will always be associated with the entity’s registration number.

After companies have submitted the Declaration of Commitment, they can publicise the “Clean & Safe” stamp, either physically on their premises or in their digital platforms. Turismo de Portugal, in coordination with the competent entities, will carry out random audits to adhering establishments.
Photo: Porto © Arq. Turismo de Portugal

With this measure, the national tourist authority intends to inform companies on the minimum hygiene requirements and cleaning measures to ensure the safety of various establishments but to also promote Portugal as a safe destination with measures in place prevent the spread of the Virus via a coordinated action plan from the sector which will soon expand to other areas of activity across numerous expressions of interest.

No quarantine

Augusto Santos Silva, the foreign minister confirmed there would be no compulsory quarantine for arrivals into the mainland this summer. However, unspecified health checks would be carried out.

Portugal is expected to relax some flight restrictions during the middle of June, when the border with Spain will also be opened. It is expected then that hotels, resorts and other tourist accommodation options will resume operations from the same time, or a little earlier.

Portugal’s islands are understood to have different arrangements, Madeira and Porto Santo will reopen on July 1st and will pay for COVID-19 tests for anyone who hasn't already had a test and been certified virus-free 72 hours prior to their arrival.

The Azores also required certified virus-free, however, those choosing to test on arrival, will have to pay for the test themselves and will be required to isolate in a designated hotel until they are given an all-clear.

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