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Finnair Traffic Performance in April 2020..........Passenger numbers down 98.7%

The ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic had a massive effect on the operational performance of the Helsinki based Finnair during April.  
Three Finnair aircraft with engine covers in temporary hibernation due to COVID-19 Photo Finnair

The airline carried 16,100 passengers during the month,  some 98.7% lower than in the same month last year. European traffic was down by just over 96% whereas North American traffic was down by 100% as travel bans and restrictions were introduced and enforced.
Full details of the carrier's performance in April:
In April, Finnair carried 16,100 passengers which is 98.7% less than in the corresponding period of 2019. The overall capacity measured in Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) decreased in April by 97.0%. Finnair's traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPKs) decreased by 99.1%. The Passenger Load Factor (PLF) decreased year-on-year by 57.5% points to 23.9%. All traffic figures were heavily impacted by the significant coronavirus related capacity reductions, which were visible especially in the North Atlantic figures as there were no flights to North America in April.
The ASK decline in Asian traffic was 99.4%. The North Atlantic capacity decreased by 100.0%. In European traffic, the ASKs were down by 93.2%. The ASKs in domestic traffic decreased by 96.1%.
RPKs decreased in Asian traffic by 99.4%, in North Atlantic traffic by 100.0%, in European traffic by 98.5% and in domestic traffic by 98.7%.

Two Finnair aircraft parked next to an icy runway, in temporary hibernation  photo Finnair

The PLF was 82.7% in Asian traffic, 17.5% in European traffic and 21.9% in domestic traffic, whereas there was no PLF figure in the North Atlantic traffic due to zero flights in April.
Passenger numbers decreased in Asian traffic by 99.3%, in North Atlantic traffic by 100.0%, in European traffic by 98.4% and in domestic traffic by 98.8%.
Available scheduled cargo tonne-kilometres decreased by 99.2% year-on-year and revenue scheduled cargo tonne-kilometres decreased by 99.5%, both due to the coronavirus impact. However, cargo related available tonne kilometres decreased by 88.7% and revenue tonne-kilometres decreased by 85.5% and they include also the cargo-only flights operated primarily between Asia and Europe. Finnair operated 124 (one-way) cargo-only flights in April.
In April, 95.9% of all Finnair flights arrived on schedule (82.5%).
Traffic statistics for May 2020 will be published on Friday 5 June 2020.
Finnair Traffic Performance April 2020
Month% ChangeYTD% Change
Total traffic
Passengers 1,00016.1-98.72,671.6-38.9
Available seat kilometres mill117.0-97.09,787.8-32.9
Revenue passenger kilometres mill27.9-99.17,050.8-39.0
Passenger load factor %23.9-57.5p72.0-7.1p
Cargo tonnes total1,936.8-86.432,029.0-38.2
Available tonne kilometres mill60.8-89.31,482.6-30.8
Revenue tonne kilometres mill15.6-95.9832.9-38.8
Passengers 1,000 Asia1.4-99.3466.9-41.7
Available seat kilometres mill Asia11.0-99.44,684.8-36.3
Revenue passenger kilometres mill Asia9.1-99.43,577.4-41.2
Passenger load factor % Asia82.7-0.1p76.4-6.3p
Passengers 1,000 Europe12.3-98.41,527.9-40.0
Available seat kilometres mill Europe99.8-93.23,669.1-30.8
Revenue passenger kilometres mill Europe17.5-98.52,474.6-38.9
Passenger load factor % Europe17.5-63.5p67.4-9.0p
North Atlantic
Passengers 1,000 North Atlantic0.0-100.082.2-30.1
Available seat kilometres mill North Atlantic0.0-100.0847.0-23.5
Revenue passenger kilometres mill North Atlantic0.0-100.0644.6-28.2
Passenger load factor % North AtlanticN/AN/A76.1-5.0p
Passengers 1,000 Domestic2.4-98.8594.5-34.8
Available seat kilometres mill Domestic6.3-96.1587.0-29.1
Revenue passenger kilometres mill Domestic1.4-98.7354.2-31.7
Passenger load factor % Domestic21.9-45.2p60.3-2.2p
Cargo Traffic
Europe tonnes122.5-95.76,902.3-32.0
North Atlantic tonnes0.0-100.02,513.2-22.5
Asia tonnes31.2-99.720,716.3-45.8
Domestic tonnes12.4-74.8126.5-37.8
Cargo scheduled traffic total tonnes166.1-98.830,258.4-41.6
Cargo flights, tonnes**1,770.7100.01,770.7100.0
Cargo Traffic tonnes total1,936.8-86.432,029.0-38.2
Available tonne kilometres* mill18.1-88.7380.4-32.8
Revenue tonne kilometres mill13.1-85.5202.2-38.5
Available sched. cargo tonne kms*, mill1.3-99.2363.5-35.8
Revenue sched. cargo tonne kms, mill0.5-99.5189.6-42.3
Cargo load factor* %72.315.7p53.2-4.9p
- North-Atlantic cargo load factor* %N/AN/A66.111.1p
- Asia cargo load factor* %75.913.8p55.8-8.1p
Scheduled traffic Cargo load factor*, %36.8-19.8p52.1-5.9p
* Operational calculatory capacity
** Including purchased traffic
  • Change %: Change compared to the figures of the respective periods in the previous year (p = points).
  • Available seat kilometres. ASK: Total number of seats available. multiplied by the number of kilometres flown.
  • Revenue passenger kilometres. RPK: Number of revenue passengers carried. multiplied by kilometres flown.
  • Passenger load factor: Share of revenue passenger kilometres of available seat kilometres.
  • Available tonne-kilometres. ATK: Number of tonnes of capacity for carriage of passengers. cargo and mail. multiplied by kilometres flown.
  • Revenue tonne-kilometres. RTK: Total revenue load consisting of passengers. cargo and mail. multiplied by kilometres flown.
  • Overall load factor: Share of revenue tonne-kilometres of available tonne-kilometres.

There will be many if the airline's staff that will baulk at the remuneration package for board members of the carrier, set to be discussed at the next annual general meeting, scheduled for 29th May. The State of Finland, which owns 55.8% of the carrier and votes, proposes `the annual remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors shall be as follows:

Chairperson EUR 63,000;
Vice Chairperson EUR 32,700;
Chairpersons of the Audit Committee and People and Remuneration Committee EUR 32,700, where these individuals are neither the Chairperson nor the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors; and
Other members of the Board of Directors EUR 30,300 per year.

The State of Finland proposes also that each member’s fee for a meeting of the Board of Directors or its Committee would be 600 euros when the meeting takes place in the member’s country of residence and 2,400 euros for other meetings. For telephone meetings, the fee would be 600 euros. The members would be entitled to reimbursement of reasonable travel and representation expenses in accordance with the company’s general expenses policy, and the members and their spouses would be entitled to discounted travel on the company’s flights in accordance with the company’s discount ticket policy regarding the Board of Directors.

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