Saturday, 25 April 2020

Wizz Air plan to restart flying from Luton from 1st May

Wizz Air at Luton.                                                                    Photo Luton Airport / Wizz Air
Following a massive cash injection from the government, the low-cost carrier Wizz Air confirmed it will be starting a limited number of flights from Luton in the UK from 1st May.

The airline says it will restart some services to 'provide an essential service to passengers who need to travel' although many believe the carriers use of the word 'essential'  is at best misleading and is more to do with maximizing revenues during the fruit picking season in the UK.   

The airline has said the flights will be going to and from various Romania destinations - largely to capitalise on transporting increased numbers of low wage fruit pickers needed to harvest British products. The airline will also fly to Budapest in Hungary, Lisbon in Portugal and Tenerife.

Owain Jones, Wizz Air UK’s managing director, said: “As we restart selected Luton flights to provide an essential service to passengers who need to travel, our primary concern is the health, safety and well-being of our customers and crew. The protective measures that we are implementing will ensure the most sanitary conditions possible. We encourage our customers to watch our new video on how to stay safe when travelling, as well as for more details on our new health and safety measures.”

The airline confirmed the crew would wear masks and gloves throughout the flight and would hand out sanitising wipes. Additionally, the aircraft would be fully disinfected every night, although crucially, not between flights during the day.  The instigation of the new schedule would be in complete contradiction to the current UK government FCO advice for all Britons to avoid all non-essential global travel indefinitely.

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