Monday, 6 April 2020

While we may not be able to travel right now......

While we may not be able to travel right now, that doesn't stop us being able to dream a little.  We can also broaden our minds and reflect on life for a while.

So,  what is there to do after you've watched all the boxsets in your collection.....twice?...

Perhaps,   you might want to relive some memories of travel times gone by as you sort through your old holiday photos from the last few of years. Although, you'll want to be careful, trips down amnesia lane with a box of old photos can lead back to the painful realisation that yes you did have some strange haircuts over the years and the dress sense of a blind giraffe!  But, whilst it might be a little tad embarrassing to recall you actually did own such a thing as a pink, blue and yellow tie-dye shirt, or the realisation that you really did wear a willow pattern kimono three sizes too big for a whole summer,  what else are you going to do with this extra self-isolation extra leisure time? 

Learn a new language is a thought,  you might have the time, but if you are anything like me you might be lacking in the inclination. But, Rossetta Stone is there for you if you've got more passion than I.   Rosetta Stone - Best Value special

Start a new hobby, that's a nice idea,  however,  with not being able to go out to buy supplies of whatever creative bent you've set your mind on conquering this week, then you might have to settle for stone painting!

But,  if you still dream of travelling,  then look no further, we've teamed up with Travelzoo to bring you this little offer which might help pass the time in self-isolation. 

£1 – 3 issues of National Geographic Traveller
 inc delivery
What's included

Three consecutive print issues of National Geographic Traveller*
Home delivery (in England, Wales, Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and offshore UK isles)
Alternatively, get a rolling annual subscription, including 10 issues, for £14**

About the magazine
With compelling storytelling, wish-you-were-there photography and insightful, reader-friendly information, National Geographic Traveller is a magazine for travel enthusiasts. In each issue, expert writers share their experiences to help you create your next adventure. Whether it's San Sebastián's best tapas bars, routes for a Patagonian road trip or tips for organising a family cycling holiday in France, the magazine's features are packed full of useful tips to get you primed and prepped for when things get back to normal.

More details can be found here.

The small print
* Valid until 18 June. This deal is not available for current National Geographic Traveller subscribers. However, if you have subscribed to National Geographic Traveller previously and cancelled your subscription, you are eligible for this deal. Delivery is included to England, Wales, Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and offshore UK isles. Delivery is not available for the Republic of Ireland. Your subscription will begin with the next available issue. By buying this offer you will be automatically signed up to a rolling subscription with National Geographic Traveller. If you purchase the offer for three issues, you will then be charged £9 every three months for three additional issues. If you purchase the offer for an annual subscription of 10 issues, you will then be charged £25 annually to continue your subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any time by cancelling your direct debit directly with your bank, calling 01293 312166 or emailing If you cancel within 48 hours of subscribing, you will be refunded the £1 and not receive any issues. Once enrolled into the direct debit scheme, you can cancel any time. Any regular value stated is based on the price at the time of publication (30 March, 2020). This is a limited offer and may be withdrawn at any time. **January-February and July-August are combined double issues, so a 6-month rolling subscription will include five issues and a 12-month subscription will include 10 issues. Subscribers will receive five issues in every 6-month period.

If you take up this offer, Air101 may get a commission. 

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