Sunday, 26 April 2020

Resting A380s

Singapore Airlines has sent a number of its superjumbo Airbus A380 aircraft to wait out the global downturn caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic to the sunny and dry Alice Springs in Australia

For the first time in history, four of the world’s biggest passenger planes have landed at Alice Springs, from Singapore.  The four Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 aircraft will be put into storage at the Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage Pty Ltd facility.

Air France has sent Airbus A380s for a rest to TARMAC Aerosave at Teruel Airport.

Whereas British Airways has sent six A380s to rest for a while at Chateauroux .

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The Jetset Boyz said...

Qantas are also storing their A380s (along with the rest of it's fleet) in Alice Springs. Lufthansa are parking their A380s at Frankfurt and Munich airports, both of which are bases for the aircraft.