Thursday, 2 April 2020

More route suspensions from Wizz Air

Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe has announced more route suspensions due to ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic within the last week. 

Tuzla                                                                                         Photo Enidhoven Airport 

Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Bosnian government decision to temporarily close all airport borders for commercial passenger flights has meant the airline suspending its Budapest-Sarajevo route until 15 April. It has also axed all flights in and out of Tuzla initially until 30 April 2020.

As a result of Kyiv International Airport’s prolonged closure due to extended Ukrainian Government’s restrictions, Wizz Air has suspended its IEV operations until 1 May 2020.

Northern Macedonia 
As a result of the prolonging of the travel restrictions imposed on all foreign flights to and from the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the airline will extend the suspension of all its flights to and from the Skopje until the 30 April inclusive.

The government of the Republic of Moldova has imposed restrictions on all foreign flights to and from Moldova which has forced Wizz Air to cut all services in and out of the country until 30 April.

Wizz has suspended all routes from Romania to France and Germany until the 8 of April and UK until 1 May. 

It has also temporarily suspended all these routes from London Luton:
Luton - Athens

Luton - Oslo

Luton - Bari

Luton - Palanga

Luton - Belgrade

Luton - Poprad

Luton - Bergen

Luton - Porto

Luton - Bratislava

Luton - Poznan

Luton - Burgas

Luton - Prague

Luton - Castellon

Luton - Pristina

Luton - Chișinău

Luton - Riga

Luton - Constanta

Luton - Satu Mare

Luton - Craiova

Luton - Sibiu

Luton - Debrecen

Luton - Skopje

Luton - Gdansk

Luton - Stavanger

Luton - Katowice

Luton - St Petersburg

Luton - Kaunas

Luton - Suceava

Luton - Keflavik

Luton - Târgu Mureș

Luton - Košice

Luton - Tel Aviv

Luton - Krakow

Luton - Tenerife

Luton - Kutaisi

Luton - Thessaloniki

Luton - Kyiv

Luton - Timișoara

Luton - Larnaca

Luton - Tirana

Luton - Lisbon

Luton - Varna

Luton - Lublin

Luton - Vienna

Luton - Lviv

Luton - Vilnius

Luton - Moscow

Luton - Warsaw

Luton - Ohrid

Luton - Wrocław

Luton - Olsztyn

Passengers with bookings affected by flight suspensions will be automatically informed via e-mail, in case the customers booked directly on or via the airline’s mobile app. 120% of the original fare will automatically be uploaded to the customer’s WIZZ account, with the amount to be used in the next 24 months for the purchase of Wizz Air products and services.  Passengers can also opt for a cash refund – which will take longer to complete – and will be informed about the necessary steps for a bank transfer or transfer to a bank card in a separate e-mail. In this case, customers will be eligible for only 100% of the original fare. Passengers who made their bookings via travel agencies – including online travel agencies – should get in touch with the company from which they purchased their tickets.

"Wizz Air sincerely apologizes for the disruptions the travel bans could bring to the customers and assures that safety and well-being of its passengers and crew remain the airline’s top priority.".

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