Saturday, 18 April 2020

Boeing's Ridley Township operations in Philadelphia to resume on Monday 20th

Photo Boeing
The US aircraft giant Boeing has confirmed it will restart operations at its Ridley Township facility in Philadelphia from this coming Monday, April 20th.

The firm is desperate to start production again as the financial implications of the shutdown bite into the shareholder's profits and dividends at an alarming rate. The firm says it has provided hand sanitization stations at key entry points to the site, it will stagger shit starting times and workers will be forced to wear face masks.  The company advises that basic face masks will be made available onsite for employees who need one.

Temperature screening will be required for all employees daily before coming to work. Screening stations with no-touch thermal scanners will be set up to accommodate workers who need to check their temperature onsite. 

Around 140 Boeing employees have so far tested positive for the virus, although many believe this is a vastly under-reported number as many employees fear they would lose their jobs if they submit to having a test or publicly confirm they've had or have contracted the virus. 

The Philadelphia plant is responsible for producing military products, including the CH-47 Chinook helicopter and the V-22 Osprey, which the firm is still selling to the US armed forces and friendly forces around the world.  The news came just a couple of days after Boeing announced it was complying with President Trump's demand to restart production at its Puget Sound operations centres.

Prior to the weekend, Boeing had called in help from two major US banking organisation for consultation and advice. It is understood that these two organisations specialize in bankruptcy protection and emergence. However, the firms share price was listed as up 14% towards the end of trading on Friday. 

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