Monday, 20 April 2020

Air Canada Flight Attendant Union Calls For Improvements To Federal Wage Subsidy

 The union representing 10,000 Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge flight attendants calls on the federal government to improve this assistance to workers affected by the COVID pandemic- 19. He claims that workers who were on parental, disability or work accident leave, as well as those previously laid off due to the flight ban on Boeing 737 aircraft are eligible for the federal wage subsidy. The union is also asking the government to encourage companies like Air Canada to negotiate wage subsidy offers in better faith with unions representing the workers concerned.

Right now, eligibility for the 75 percent federal wage subsidy depends on the salary received between January 1 and March 15, which excludes many workers who, without COVID-19, would have returned to work today. hui.

"Many of our members who need help will not be eligible for these benefits, without fault. This policy is particularly discriminatory against women who have become mothers, workers injured on the job and those who helped the company mitigate the effects of the Boeing 737 crisis, "said Air Canada Component President from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Wesley Lesosky.

Wesley Lesosky also invites Air Canada to follow the example of Flair Airlines, a smaller Canadian carrier that supplements the 75 per cent wage subsidy to provide its workers with their full salary. "We can do otherwise. The government finances this subsidy, it controls it. It therefore has the power to ensure that this program is deployed in an equitable manner. Let him do it, ”he concluded.

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