Wednesday, 15 April 2020

737 Max orders vanish.....

Photo Sky News
Customers of Boeing's ill-fated 737 MAX have cancelled orders for 150 orders for the twinjet in the month of March alone.  The US manufacturer's commercial order backlog fell by just over 300 aircraft during the first quarter.

Aircraft leasing giant cancelled an order for 75 737 MAX aircraft, GOL one of the major airlines in Brazil sliced 39 off its order,  Smartwings dropped an order for five of the type and other airlines have reduced orders and there is more on the way.  According to IATA, 2020 passenger numbers will be down across the world by an estimated 48%, which will undoubtedly lead to more order cancellations and deferrals. 

Boeing's official order backlog stands at 5,049, which includes 4,079 for the still grounded MAX, which still doesn't look like getting back to commercial operation before July at the earliest.

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