Wednesday, 18 March 2020

US Federal Air Marshals keep flying despite COVID-19 pandemic

Despite flights being axed, travel bans,  empty flights,  US Federal Air Marshals will continue to carry on flying.  The Air Marshal Association commends the Federal Air Marshals during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Terrorism remains a constant threat, and our enemies watch and wait to exploit weaknesses in our society. Federal Air Marshals have redoubled their vigilance in this time of crisis, unrest, and social distancing.

“We hope Congress and the American public recognizes the determination and integrity of our Federal Air Marshals. Despite low job morale, ongoing pay issues, long shifts without rest, and lack of critical health services, our Federal Air Marshals have demonstrated that they are America’s most flexible, capable, and patriotic officers,” said Air Marshal Association President John Casaretti.

Federal Air Marshals endure repeated quarantine, and are deploying continuously to the world’s contaminated hotspots. They resolutely accept that they will be exposed to infection while travelling to and from COVID-19 impacted countries as they complete critical missions in support of America’s security objectives. During this entire crisis, Federal Air Marshals have furthered important anti-terrorism casework both in the air, and on the ground, the association says.  

"By the very nature of their work, where they go and how often they travel,  there is an incredibly high chance that many of these air marshalls are infected or likely to be with the COVID-19 virus and putting the lives of everyone they come into close contact with at risk."  a WHO representative commented on Tuesday. 

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