Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Delta revises schedules

As concerns continue about the coronavirus COVID-19, Delta is doing everything it can to ensure the safety and security of customers and employees. Thus in response to CDC guidelines and government travel directives, the US mega carrier has had to revise it's scheduled and advises that as it parks around 600 aircraft, it will further amend schedules as the need arises.  

The latest information -


Delta is reducing domestic seat capacity, with schedule adjustments based on customer demand. Delta will continue to offer customers industry-leading connectivity with the reduced schedule.


Following government travel restrictions, Delta is suspending and adjusting service to the following countries:
CountryLatin American and Caribbean Schedule Changes
  • Suspension of service between Atlanta and Buenos Aires starting March 17 through May 1.
  • Suspension of service between Boston and Minneapolis/St. Paul to Aruba starting March 22 until winter 2020. Last flights will operate March 21. 
  • Suspension of service between Atlanta and New York-JFK to Aruba starting March 26. Last flights will operate March 25. 
  • Suspension of service between New York-JFK and Boston to Bermuda between March 21 through March 31.
  • Atlanta to Bermuda will continue to operate daily as scheduled.
  • Suspension of service from Atlanta to Santiago starting March 25.Last flight to Santiago departs March 24 with a planned restart on April 1. The last flight to Atlanta departs March 25 with a planned restart on April 2.
  • Suspension of service between Atlanta and Bogota starting March 26. Last flight to Atlanta will depart March 25.
  • Suspension of service between Atlanta and Cartagena starting March 24. Last flights will operate March 23.
  • Suspension of service between New York-JFK and Bogota starting March 19. Last flight to JFK departs March 18.
Costa Rica
Between March 23 and April 12, Delta will make the following schedule changes between the U.S. and Costa Rica:
  • Service between Atlanta and San Jose will be reduced to one daily flight from 15 flights per week. Service between Atlanta and Liberia will also be reduced to two flights per week.
  • Los Angeles to San Jose service will be reduced from daily to two flights per week, and Los Angeles to Liberia service will be suspended.
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Liberia service will also be suspended.
  • Suspension of service between Atlanta and Quito starting March 17 through April 19. Last flight departed March 16.
El Salvador
  • Suspension of service to San Salvador after March 18. The service is planned to return on April 3.
Grand Cayman
Service suspension and planned restart dates:
  • Atlanta to Grand Cayman as of March 23. The last inbound and outbound flights will operate on March 22. Planned restart date of April 13.
  • Detroit to Grand Cayman as of March 22. The last inbound and outbound flights are scheduled for March 21. Planned restart date of April 18.
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Grand Cayman starting March 22. The last inbound and outbound flights are scheduled for March 21. Planned restart date of April 18.
  • Suspension of service between Atlanta and Guatemala City starting March 17 through April 19.
  • Suspension of service between Los Angeles and Guatemala City starting March 16 through April 19.
  • Service to Honduras will be suspended for seven days starting March 16.
  • Service from Atlanta to Tegucigalpa/San Pedro Sula planned to resume on March 23
  • Saturday-only service from Atlanta to Roatan planned to resume on March 28.
  • Suspension of service from Atlanta to Panama City starting March 22 through March 31. Last flights will operate March 21.
  • Suspension of service from Atlanta to Lima starting March 17 through March 31. Last flights operated March 16. 
Saint Maarten
  • Suspension of service between Atlanta and Saint Maarten starting March 19. Last flights will operate March 18.
  • Suspension of service between New York-JFK and Saint Maarten starting March 18. Last flights will operate March 17.
Delta will support partner Aeromexico by flying one daily roundtrip between New York-JFK and Mexico City, and two daily roundtrips between Los Angeles and Mexico City between May 2 and August 16.


March 18 Update: Delta announced additional suspensions to Paris; Accra, Ghana; and Johannesburg, South Africa following additional government travel restrictions. See details here.
  • Atlanta to Paris-Charles De Gaulle will suspend after March 19.
  • New York-JFK to Accra will suspend after March 20.
  • Atlanta to Johannesburg will suspend after March 22.
Due to government travel restrictions, Delta has significantly reduced its U.S. flying to Europe, the U.K. and Ireland. The airline is also temporarily suspending service between New York-JFK and Mumbai starting March 17.
Below is Delta's trans-Atlantic flying schedule following recent suspensions.
CountryTrans-Atlantic Schedule 
  • Atlanta to Amsterdam once daily
  • Detroit to Amsterdam once daily
  • Atlanta to Lagos (as regularly scheduled)
  • New York-JFK to Lagos (as regularly scheduled)
  • New York-JFK to Dakar (as regularly scheduled)
United Kingdom
  • Atlanta to London-Heathrow once daily
  • New York-JFK to London-Heathrow once daily


CountryTrans-Pacific Schedule Changes
  • Suspension of service from Los Angeles to Sydney starting March 18 through April 11.
  • Previously announced suspension of all U.S. to China flying extended through May 31.
  • Suspension of seasonal summer service between Seattle and Osaka.
  • Early termination of service between Narita and Manila on March 19. Service was scheduled to end March 28.
Through May 31:
  • Suspension of service between Portland and Tokyo.
  • Suspension of service between Detroit and Nagoya.
  • Daily service between Detroit and Tokyo reduced to six times weekly.
  • Daily service between Honolulu and Tokyo reduced to six times weekly.
  • Five times weekly service between Minneapolis and Tokyo reduced to three times weekly.
  • Extension of reduced five times weekly between Atlanta and Tokyo.
  • Extension of reduced three times weekly between Honolulu and Osaka and Nagoya.
South Korea
Through May 31:
  • Suspension of service between Atlanta and Incheon.
  • Previously announced suspension of service between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Incheon, along with Incheon and Manila extended through May 31.
  • Extension of reduced five times weekly between Detroit and Incheon, along with Seattle and Incheon.

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