Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Aeroflot makes additional amendments to flight schedules on European routes

The Russian airline Aeroflot has further adjusted its flight schedules to destinations in Europe.

From 16 March, Aeroflot will continue to operate flights from Moscow to the following destinations in Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Dublin, Geneva, Helsinki, Larnaca, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Paris, Riga, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, Tivat and Zagreb.

Aeroflot has temporarily suspended flights between Moscow and the following cities:

Barcelona (21 March to 30 April)
Bukhara (16 March to 30 April)
Chishinau (19 March to 31 March)
Copenhagen (17 March and subsequently from 21 March to 30 April)
Frankfurt (19 March to 30 April)
Munich (19 March to 30 April)
Oslo (18 March to 30 April)
Prague (20 March to 30 April)
Samarkand (16 March to 30 April)
Tallinn (19 March to 30 April)
Tashkent (16 March to 30 April)
Thessaloniki (16 March to 30 April)
Vienna (20 March to 30 April)
Vilnius (19 March to 30 March)
Warsaw (15 March to 27 March)
Zurich (19 March to 30 April)

Aeroflot will continue operating the following flights to allow Russian citizens to return to Russia:

Prague – SU2012/SU2013 and SU2016/2017 (16 to 19 March)
Frankfurt – SU2300/2301 (16, 17, 18 March), SU2304/2305 (16, 17 March) and SU2656/2657 (18 March)
Munich – SU2322/2323 (16, 17, 18 March)
Barcelona – SU2638/2639 (16, 17, 18, 19, 20 March), SU2512/2513 (16, 17, 19, 20 March) and SU2514/2515 (18 March)
Zurich – SU2486/2487 (16-18 March)
Copenhagen – SU2658/2659 (16, 18, 19, 20 March)
Oslo – SU2174/2175 (16-17 March)
Chishinau – SU1844/1845 (16-18 March)
Vilnius – SU2108/2109 (16-17 March)
Warsaw – SU2002/2003 (16-18 March)
Tallinn – SU2106/2107 (17-19 March)
Vienna – SU2184/2185 (17, 18, 19 March), SU2352/2353 (17, 19 March) and SU2354/2355 (18, 19 March)

Scheduled Rossiya Airlines flights operated under Aeroflot’s SU code from St Petersburg to EU destinations including Larnaca, Prague and Vienna, as well as to Geneva, will be stopped from 16 March. Passengers will be offered alternative options through Moscow.

Aeroflot is evaluating the possibility of operating charter flights on suspended routes to enable Russian citizens to return to Russia.

Passengers holding tickets with a departure date from the date of restrictions coming into force up to and including 31 May 2020 for cancelled Aeroflot flights, as well as passengers otherwise affected by restrictions imposed by their countries of departure, destination or transfer (e.g., bans on entry, exit or transit; threat of enforced quarantine; cancellation of visa-free entry; annulment of previously issued visas; etc.), may:

apply for an involuntary refund and receive a refund of the full ticket price at the original point of sale until 31 December 2020 (inclusive), regardless of the validity period of the ticket;
make a one-time change to the departure date to any date until 31 December 2020 (inclusive), while retaining the original point of departure, destination and service class, without incurring additional fees;
change the route to any Aeroflot flight and/or departure date until 31 December 2020 (inclusive). No additional fee will be levied for rebooking, though other terms and conditions apply (e.g. additional payment for a more expensive fare).
Information about changes to Aeroflot’s schedules will be published on the airline’s website and official social media accounts.

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