Monday, 24 February 2020

Virgin Atlantic cutting costs by axing more perks for Upper Class passengers.

Virgin Atlantic is further cutting the perks and reasons for travelling with them in Upper Class as opposed to travelling other carriers in Business Class.  To cut costs and to fall in line with its transatlantic partners - Delta, Air France & KLM, the airline has decided to call time on its complimentary ground transfer chauffeur service. 

According to Virgin, the rationale behind this decision is 'lack of use'.....for it says that in recent years, of the 20% of Upper Class customers that are eligible for a complimentary transfer, fewer than 50% choose to use one.  Of course, in recent years it also reduced the eligibility for the free ride service, so perhaps it isn't surprising the number of passengers using them has reduced.  

However,  it isn't just the chauffeur driven cars that are being axed, so too are the trendy limobikes and Virgin are even dropping the free train tickets for the Gatwick and Heathrow Express rail services.  The airline advises that passengers can still book and pay for the car transfers with them, presumably for a heavy mark up on the cost price, so therefore it might well be cheaper and less hassle to book directly with Adisson Lee anyway.  

The reduction takes effect for al eligible flight bookings from 1st July 2020, so there is still a little time to get those complimentary rides.  Yet, oddly the airline is still marketing the service on its own website

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