Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Solo Travel: eDreams Reveals How US Holidaymakers Are Travelling Solo

According to the majority of US respondents, 24% would prefer to travel alone - the highest percentage compared to all countries polled

With the trend for solo travel on the rise, eDreams ODIGEO, Europe's largest online travel co. (and eDreams parent company) has polled 10,000* customers across the USA, UK and Europe* to explore the reasons that consumers might choose to travel on their own. Data from the Solo Travel Research conducted by an independent research company* revealed that Americans are more than twice as likely to prefer to travel without company - a whopping 24% embracing the notion of single travel compared to an average of 9% elsewhere.

Of the US travellers who prefer to go it alone, the highest proportion (27%) believe that 25-34 is the best age to go solo, compared to just 6% of 55+ year olds.  And while most Europeans report that their priority is the quest for culture (38%), more than half of American travellers (51%) report that the key motivation is to meet new people and to be free in their movements. A further 47% who would travel alone "to get to know myself better," and 44% "just to experiment."

Safety is key for Americans. 46% would prioritise a money belt, first-aid kit and emergency contacts when planning and packing for their trips – compared to German solo travellers whose first concern is comfort.

And the best age? Like all Europeans, the majority of solo American travellers believe that the best age range to embrace the trend of going it alone is 25-34. Like the 18-24 age group, their priority is very much to meet new people (compared to the 35-55+ age groups who report that freedom of movement is key).

Unsurprisingly for such a vast country, regional differences are a factor in solo travel for Americans. Those in the Midwest region are the least inclined (20%) compared to the highest percentage in the West (27%). The Northeast contains those who are most keen on volunteering (57%) compared to the least in the Midwest (44%). For Northeasterners, safety considerations rank significantly higher (51%) than for those in the Southwest (40%).

*Research conducted by One Poll for eDreams ODIGEO. 10,000 people who have travelled by plane were polled in Germany, France, Spain, UK, Portugal, Italy, Sweden and USA.

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