Thursday, 13 February 2020

Singapore Airlines is now giving your personal details to third parties and the Singapore government.

One of the world's most respected airlines, Singapore Airlines has updated its privacy policy and is now passing on your data to third parties,  both for marketing purposes and to the Singaporean Authorities.

Here's a summary of the changes:

Your information may be used in industry studies conducted by public agencies or regulatory authorities in Singapore;
We may share your information with other companies within the Singapore Airlines Group. This is to ensure your safety when you fly, and to offer services that you may be interested in;
We may share your information with trusted partners, so that they can serve you marketing messages and services that you may be interested in;
We may use cookies to retarget and serve you with tailored Singapore Airlines Group advertisements across multiple websites you visit, and on social media platforms.

There is no telling who Singapore Airlines considers a 'trusted' partner, so there is no way of knowing just who is going to get their hands on your personal data - which could be your name, address, email, telephone numbers,  Kris Flyer frequent flyer membership details and profile and maybe even your passport number.

The airline says its customer's privacy is very important to them,  but changing their privacy policy, it is could also be very lucrative for them, for now, they can sell it on to anyone they want.

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