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Finnair Traffic Performance in January 2020

Passenger load factor improved in January year-on-year; continued strong demand

In January, Finnair experienced strong demand and carried 1,122,000 passengers, 11.3% more than in the corresponding period of 2019. The overall capacity measured in Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) increased in January by 10.5%. Finnair's traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPKs) increased by 11.9%, and the Passenger Load Factor (PLF) increased year-on-year by 1.0% points to 78.0%.

Finnair’s long-haul capacity increased year-on-year with two new A350 aircraft that entered the service after the comparison period. The ASK growth in Asian traffic was 9.9%, mainly due to the doubling of Hong Kong frequencies as well as the openings of new Daxing (Beijing) and Sapporo routes in November and December 2019, respectively. The North Atlantic capacity increased by 25.8% following the opening of new Los Angeles route in March 2019.

In European traffic, the ASKs were up by 9.9%. The growth derived from additional seating capacity in some of the existing narrow-body aircraft and the changes in route network. The added capacity was directed especially to London. The ASKs in domestic traffic decreased marginally by 0.3%.

RPKs increased in Asian traffic by 9.6%, in North Atlantic traffic by 23.5%, in European traffic by 13.1% and in domestic traffic by 12.0%. The PLF was 83.5% in Asian traffic, 78.5% in North Atlantic traffic, 72.0% in European traffic and 63.6% in domestic traffic.

Passenger numbers increased in Asian traffic by 9.2%, in North Atlantic traffic by 22.2%, in European traffic by 12.5% and in domestic traffic by 8.8%.

Available scheduled cargo tonne kilometres increased by 10.5% year-on-year and revenue scheduled cargo tonne kilometres increased by 3.1%. Overall global uncertainty in world trade continues to press global air freight market and was especially visible in Finnair’s cargo markets in Asia.

In January, 85.8% of all Finnair flights arrived on schedule (64.7%).

Traffic statistics for February 2020 will be published on Friday 6 March 2020.
Finnair Traffic Performance January 2020    
 Month% ChangeYTD% Change
Total traffic    
Passengers 1,0001,122.011.31,122.011.3
Available seat kilometres mill3,982.210.53,982.210.5
Revenue passenger kilometres mill3,105.211.93,105.211.9
Passenger load factor %78.01.0p78.01.0p
Cargo tonnes total12,660.55.612,660.55.6
Available tonne kilometres mill589.310.3589.310.3
Revenue tonne kilometres mill356.49.8356.49.8
Passengers 1,000 Asia223.89.2223.89.2
Available seat kilometres mill Asia2,030.49.92,030.49.9
Revenue passenger kilometres mill Asia1,695.59.61,695.59.6
Passenger load factor % Asia83.5-0.2p83.5-0.2p
Passengers 1,000 Europe635.212.5635.212.5
Available seat kilometres mill Europe1,403.69.91,403.69.9
Revenue passenger kilometres mill Europe1,011.113.11,011.113.1
Passenger load factor % Europe72.02.0p72.02.0p
North Atlantic    
Passengers 1,000 North Atlantic33.622.233.622.2
Available seat kilometres mill North Atlantic336.125.8336.125.8
Revenue passenger kilometres mill North Atlantic263.823.5263.823.5
Passenger load factor % North Atlantic78.5-1.5p78.5-1.5p
Passengers 1,000 Domestic229.48.8229.48.8
Available seat kilometres mill Domestic212.1-0.3212.1-0.3
Revenue passenger kilometres mill Domestic134.912.0134.912.0
Passenger load factor % Domestic63.67.0p63.67.0p
Cargo Traffic    
Europe tonnes2,840.821.42,840.821.4
North Atlantic tonnes957.547.1957.547.1
Asia tonnes8,821.8-1.38,821.8-1.3
Domestic tonnes40.5-27.040.5-27.0
Cargo scheduled traffic total tonnes12,660.55.612,660.55.6
Cargo flights, tonnes**0000
Cargo Traffic tonnes total12,660.55.612,660.55.6
Available tonne kilometres* mill150.810.5150.810.5
Revenue tonne kilometres mill78.
Available sched. cargo tonne kms*, mill150.810.5150.810.5
Revenue sched. cargo tonne kms, mill78.
Cargo load factor* %52.0-3.7p52.0-3.7p
- North-Atlantic cargo load factor* %62.87.7p62.87.7p
- Asia cargo load factor* %54.8-7.0p54.8-7.0p
Scheduled traffic Cargo load factor*, %52.0-3.7p52.0-3.7p
* Operational calculatory capacity
** Including purchased traffic
  • Change %: Change compared to the figures of the respective periods in the previous year (p = points).
  • Available seat kilometres. ASK: Total number of seats available. multiplied by the number of kilometres flown.
  • Revenue passenger kilometres. RPK: Number of revenue passengers carried. multiplied by kilometres flown.
  • Passenger load factor: Share of revenue passenger kilometres of available seat kilometres.
  • Available tonne kilometres. ATK: Number of tonnes of capacity for carriage of passengers. cargo and mail. multiplied by kilometres flown.
  • Revenue tonne kilometres. RTK: Total revenue load consisting of passengers. cargo and mail. multiplied by kilometres flown.
  • Overall load factor: Share of revenue tonne kilometres of available tonne kilometres.

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