Friday, 3 January 2020

Wave hello to your new favourite island.


Wave hello to your new favourite island.

Liberate yourself in Jersey, where originality is guaranteed. Feel our island ways rub off on you as you explore our amazing scenery, befriend our locals and discover our heritage treasures. We’ve got our own language. Our own currency. Our own laws. Our own legendary knitted jumpers. Our own famous potatoes. Our own celebrated dairy cows. We love who we are and we know you will, too. Discover what makes our little island so big on spirit.

Surf one of Europe's best breaks
Jersey has some of the best waves in the UK. We're old school. We've been teaching the world to surf since we opened the first surf school in Europe back in 1914. Warmed by the gulf stream and powered by Atlantic swell, there's no better rush than paddling out to clean waves in Jersey's west coast. Winter warrior or summer surfer, point break or newbie, anyone can zip into a wetsuit, grab a board and paddle out year-round.

Lose yourself in Jersey national park
Find your own breathing space and get away from the crowds at Jersey’s wildly beautiful National Park. Reconnect with nature at these protected wide open spaces from wetlands to sand dunes, spot majestic Marsh Harriers circling overhead and catch a glimpse of Jersey’s native green lizards - Jersey is the only place in the British Isles where you’ll see these lizards in the wild.

Explore an island shaped by the sea.
From the shallows and golden sands of the south to crystal clear pebble beaches along the north and eastern coast and the Atlantic waves of the west coast, Jersey’s personality changes from coast to coast. Explore an island where you’re never more than ten minutes from the sea and watch the seascape change dramatically as the third biggest tidal range in the world reveals hidden worlds waiting to be discovered.

WIN an epic escape for two in Jersey!

With flights and stay at Archirondel Tower, a historic fort perched on the water's edge. 

The tourist site has loads more information.

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