Friday, 10 January 2020

Ryanair's reports strong performance in December

The leading European budget carrier has released its latest results which demonstrated a strong performance in December.  91% of December flights arrived on-time (up from 88% December 2018) excl. ATC delays. French ATC Strikes and ATC staff shortages delayed 5,687 Ryanair flights in December (9%). 

Ryanair December traffic statistics as follows:

  2018 2019  (LF) Growth
Ryanair Group 10.3m 11.2m  (95%)+9%
Ryanair 10.0m 10.7m (95%)+7%
Lauda 0.3m 0.5m (95%) +67%

Rolling Annual* 140.2m 152.4m (96%)+9%

Ryanair also released its December ‘Rate My Flight’ customer experience scores, which show 87% of over 95,000 respondents rated their flight ‘Excellent/Very Good /Good’, with high ratings for crew friendliness (92%), onboard service (90%), range of food & drink (83%), and boarding (82%).
Rate My FlightExcell/V Good/Good
Customer Experience87%
Crew Friendliness92%
Onboard Service90%
Food & Drink Range83%

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said: “Ryanair Group Airlines carried over 11.2m customers in December with over 91% of our 60,000 flights arriving on-time excl. ATC delays. The regrettable and disruptive 13-days of French ATC strikes continued to impact customers in December, with France, Germany and Spain as the worst affected countries. Despite this, we continue to deliver industry-leading performance and our punctuality has again improved year-on-year. 
We’re pleased that 87% of customers surveyed (over 95,000) rated their Ryanair flight in December as ‘Excellent/Very Good /Good’ using Ryanair’s Rate My Flight feature, which allows all customers to provide real-time reviews of their flights via the Ryanair app and email. We welcome this feedback, which encourages us to continuously improve our customer service.”

The airline also released its December CO2 emissions statistics, which the low-fare-high-fee airline says shows an average of 69g CO2 per passenger/km.

 December 2019
Total Kilometres13,838m km
Total Passengers11.2m
Total COEmissions 960kt
CO2 Per Pax/km69g

Jacobs said:  “With the youngest fleet and highest load factors, Ryanair is Europe’s greenest/cleanest major airline. Our CO2 per passenger/km is the lowest in the industry, having been cut from 82g to 66g p.a. over the last decade while other high fare competitors currently generate over 120g per pax/km.

The single most important thing any consumer can do to reduce their carbon footprint is switch to Ryanair. We are pleased to announce that our CO2 per pax/km for December was 69g, half the rate of other flag carrier European airlines, and we are committed to reducing this by a further 10% to under 60g per pax/km by 2030.”

The firm recently announced a new London Southend route to Girona in Spain, starting in April with a twice weekly service.   Ryanair’s Eimear Ryan said: "Ryanair is pleased to launch a new London Southend route to Girona in Spain, commencing in April, which will operate twice weekly as part of our London Southend Summer 2020 schedule. Customers in London Southend can now book flights to Girona as far out as October 2020."

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