Friday, 3 January 2020

OAG names Garuda Indonesia as the most punctual airline in the world.......

A queen of the skies before its retirement 
Today OAG publishes its Punctuality League 2020, a comprehensive ranking of the world’s largest airlines and airports for on-time performance (OTP).

Garuda Indonesia takes the top spot globally and regionally with an impressive OTP of 95.01%.

Aeroflot finished as the most punctual Mega Airline in Europe and second-most punctual mega in the world (OTP 86.30%).

Six U.S. carriers ranked among the most punctual Mega Airlines in the world, including Delta Air Lines (4), Alaska Airlines (6), Southwest Airlines (8), American Airlines (9), United Airlines (13) and JetBlue (16).

Copa Airlines (OTP 92.01%) and LATAM Airlines Group (OTP 86.41%) were the second and fifth-most punctual airlines in the world.

Japanese airport Osaka Itami (ITM) finished as the most punctual Large Airport for a second consecutive year with an OTP of 88.03%.

British Airways’ hub London Heathrow (LHR; OTP 75.27%) ranked 13th among Mega Airports—a notable accomplishment for the world’s most internationally connected airport.

Delta-hub airport, Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) was the second most punctual Major Airport in the world, with an OTP of 83.27%.

Six Latin American airports earned placements in the top 20 Medium categories with Panama City (PTY; OTP 92.21%), Recife (REC; OTP 82.64%), Rio de Janeiro (GIG; OTP 82.06%) and Belo Horizonte (CNF; OTP 81.55%) placing in the top 10.

Read the report here.

Personally,  I find the title of the report a bit misleading, "Punctuality League 2020" when we're less than four days into 2020 and the figures all relate to last year, so it isn't really 2020's punctuality performance and further detracts the public's trust in the airline/aviation industry. 

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