Friday, 31 January 2020

More flights to Tunis says Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines have confirmed that from the 8th June they will be increasing the number of flights operated between Istanbul and Tunis.  The rapidly growing airline says it will ramp up the service from 14 flights a week to 18, due to increasing demand. 

28/01/2020 by Turkish Airlines

TK 66129/03/20201234567IST08:209:20TUN
TK 66229/03/20201234567TUN10:5015:40IST
TK 66329/03/20201234567IST15:1016:15TUN
TK 66429/03/20201234567TUN17:1022:05IST
TK 65708/06/202012.4.6.IST21:4522:55TUN
TK 65808/06/202012.4.6.TUN23:504:45IST
All times are in LMT


Tunis is a city full of history and charm,  it was founded by the Berbers sometime in the 2nd millennium BCE and has been controlled by Phoenicians, Romans, Arab Muslims, the Ottomans, the Spanish, the French and the Germans though its history achieving independence as the capital of Tunisia in 1956. It is partly this heady mix of control that has helped Tunis become the wonderful mix of historic and modern, African and European blend of cultures it is today.  

Lonely Planet says "'living history' really does apply. Here, waves of colonisation have endowed the city's fabric and culture with an intoxicatingly rich and complex flavour that becomes apparent wherever you explore.".  Well, I can't argue with that,  it is, as I might say with less linguistic fashion, a big old fascinating melting pot, that is just begging to be explored.

The population of the greater Tunis area is nearly 3 million and is located in north-eastern Tunisia on the Lake of Tunis, and is connected to the Mediterranean sea's Gulf of Tunis by a canal which terminates at the port of La Goulette/Halq al Wadi.  The autumn and winter temperatures combined with the culture and value of money make Tunis a key destination for those looking for a break off the beaten track.  It is very hot in summer with average temperatures often hovering around 33 or 34 Celcius and some for many this would seem oppressive, yet sea breezes do sometimes make it feel cooler. 

The medina is built on a slight hill and has been a world heritage site since 1979 and is a crazy network of narrow alleyways, mosques, mausoleums, palaces and souqs where you can barter, bargain and haggle over the price of pretty much everything and anything.  

The famous, or perhaps now infamous, because of the 2015 terrorist attack, Bardo Museum is still one of the city's most important destinations for the new and regular visitor alike, there is so much to see there that it is so easy to plan for a morning visit and stay all day.

Also popular is the great Marché Centrale in a building that created in 1891 although some of the halls behind the main building are later add ons. There are sights, sounds and indeed smells to tingle, tantalise and tempt all tastes, but, just don't go in on an empty stomach.

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